Jamaica Day 4 Family Vacation Tips

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jamaica ocho rios luxury resort

Today we said good-bye to the beautiful Moon Palace Jamaica Grande with one last ride down the big blue slide!


Then it was time to move over to our next new partner resort the Franklyn D. ResortParadise Travels, our transportation partner arrived right at noon and our new adventure began.



Our driver professionally loaded up our luggage and was very kind to make sure that we didn’t forget anything. He also acted as a tour guide on our 30-minute drive to the FDR, pointing out tourist attractions, places to get the best meals, not to be missed local favorites, and some truly beautiful beaches. Paradise Travels specializes in private Airport Transfers, Excursions, Cruise Ship Excursions, and Tours across Jamaica. We would absolutely recommend Paradise Travels to other families traveling to Jamaica.


We were so mesmerized by our driver’s storytelling and Jamaican history lessons, that we were surprised when we were told that we were at the Franklyn D. Resort! The travel went so quickly. Once we saw this view and met all the friendly people here, we just knew we were going to be happy for the rest of our Jamaican adventure!

fdr resort review


Emmy was so excited to be greeted by fruit punch. I’m a little worried that she is going to be disappointed when there is no punch waiting for her back at home and certainly no water slides either.


Shortly thereafter, we met our vacation nanny, Claudette. At FDR, each family traveling with children is assigned a nanny for the duration of their stay. They help watch the children so that you can get some relaxation done too. So far, Claudette has taken the girls to tie-dye shirts (purchased in the gift shop for $8, or you can bring your own from home), they’ve made bead necklaces and bracelets, gone to the beach, taken them to three different pools and to the water slide over and over again. Aside from the beach trip, and me checking in just to see how much fun they are having, Claudette has done this all while I sit on our porch watching the water and working on my computer. A vacation simply does not get better than that. 

vacation nanny free jamaica

Our suite is wonderful too. The FDR is an all-suite boutique resort. Although it’s not your typical luxury hotel, it offers services that are most definitely luxurious. Our suite is decorated in authentic Jamaican oceanfront decor that is both comfortable and very family-friendly. 

This is our master bedroom…

fdr master bedroomfranklin d resort jamaica review

This is the view with the french doors open… leading right to our covered porch, hammocks, and the ocean.

ocean front suite fdr jamaica
jamaican ocean

This is the girl’s room… there is also a family room and kitchen, along with two full bathrooms and bathtubs.

kids bedroom fdr

After we settled in our room, we headed over for some lunch. I’m always curious to see what kind of food there will be available for us to eat as we are all vegetarian and two of us are vegans. We were pleasantly surprised to find that they have a whole menu just for vegetarians that could also be easily made vegan.

I was also surprised that so many here know what vegan is until someone told me that the “Rastas” on the island are also primarily vegan so it’s a known way of eating. 

We’ve been well fed on our stay here and the food has been very flavorful. I could eat the spicy tomato rice every day for the rest of my life and never grow tired of it!

After lunch, the girls checked in on their tie-dyed shirts…

20160405_153134 (1)

And then we headed down to the beach to build sandcastles and to play in the water. Pete and the girls saw some pretty colorful fish! You can see them in the video below…

Then it was dinner time. FDR caters to kids in a really big way and they start the kid’s dinner at 5:30 pm… an hour before the adult and family dinners. That way little ones don’t have to wait for the a la cart service in the restaurants. The kid’s dinner has a buffet and a made to order section. Emmy loved that there was a kids menu just for her and that she could get her own food from the buffet.

20160405_182806 20160405_182852 20160405_182922 20160405_182934

Emmy brought her plate of food over to the family dining area and we all had a relaxing meal next to the ocean.

20160405_184104 20160405_185933 20160405_193941

There are activities practically around the clock for both kids and adults, and we all enjoyed a dance party to end the night.  About 10 minutes after we settled back in our rooms, the sky practically opened up and we had our first tropical rainstorm of the trip. There is nothing like rain and the sound of the ocean to lull you to sleep…


Here is our video recap of day 4:

Have you visited the Caribbean? 

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