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It’s Time For The Kia Ride and Drive At The San Diego Auto Show

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We are back with our favorite car brand, Kia Motors America, who is sponsoring this post to share about their Ride and Drive Experience at the San Diego Auto Show, happening now!

As Pete and I were driving down to the Auto Show, we were laughing about how Kia has been responsible for the last few “dates” we have been on. I mean if that isn't reason alone to love them, then I don't know what is. But thankfully there are about 5 million other reasons they are hands down our favorite auto brand. 

If you haven't been behind the wheel of a Kia lately, then you need to. As soon as you sit behind the wheel, you too will fall in love… and that is why the Kia Ride and Drive Experience is where you need to be this New Year's Weekend!

San Diego International Auto Show at the San Diego Convention Center is where it is at!

The really cool thing about the Ride and Drive is that you can drive pretty much any Kia you want, with an experienced and knowledgeable rep who can answer all of your questions and point out all of the features that make Kia so special. 

When we go on these drives, we rapid-fire questions and ask to be shown all the bells and whistles. Every single time we learn something new too. I always say we are pros when it comes to Kia Autos… and yet we still discover something we didn't know before. 

On this ride, we focused on learning as much as we could about the new Stinger. We also drove the Sorento too! If you have been wanting to drive the Stinger, this is the easiest way to do it too. They have three in the rotation because it is so popular! I loved listening to people as they got out of it after their ride. We heard a lot of “whoa” “that was awesome” and “I NEED this”.  Pete felt the same exact way.

The Kia Ride and Drive Hours are: 12/28 – 1/01: 10 AM – 5 PM. They have the prime spot right out front of the convention center too!

This was Pete deciding what to drive… or at least he was pretending to. I already knew what he would choose. 

I kept my usual passenger status… and you can too if you would rather enjoy the view and cool tech that the Kia's have.

The theme of the day for us was “Pete can't stay away from the Stinger”.

After the ride, we headed into the show and made a beeline to the Kia area.

We were both loving all the sleek designs!

It's like they knew I was coming… there was a baby Kia Hampster there! Awwwww….

I think the Kia Soll will forever be my first car crush after the hampster commercial years ago. I still haven't seen a commercial I have loved as much! Do you remember that one too?

Don't forget to visit Kia at the San Diego Auto Show, now through January 1st to experience the Ride and Drive Experience, and see all the beautiful vehicles they have displayed.

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