It’s Party Time with Fruit of the Loom!

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Well it officially happened!

The kids are all back at school and I’m celebrating #TGIBTS {thank goodness it’s back to school}! with Fruit of the Loom® because they know that it’s important to start the year off in a positive note and that it’s really important to Start Happy®

Fruit of the Loom is proving the power of positive underwear and activewear.

When you feel confident you excel in every aspect of life. They’re not out to change the world, but every time you put on confidence, your day gets a little brighter! And when it comes to heading back to school, it’s all about value. You are looking for deals and Fruit of the Loom has them with kids’ bonus packs. Boys and girls packs come with three free pairs totaling eight for boys and twleve for girls. These bonus packs are available at Target and Walmart. I found them in the isles in their own displays!

I know my friends are also super happy about back to school time so I threw a party with the party pack I was sent from Fruit of the Loom! We celebrated this sweet time with some cupcakes!


And lot’s of good friends!

fruit of the Loom TGIBTS

Did you know Teachers are celebrating too?

They sure are… especially when they are moms and teachers! I was even told that there are plans to wear their #TGIBTS shirts on the first day of school!

back to school party

It’s funny what happens when you mention it’s back to school time! Big ‘ole smiles pop up everywhere! party for back to school timeEven grandparents get in on the celebration! It’s a great time for them too! 

During the party we did what all moms want to do after a crazy summer with their kids… we ate cupcakes, enjoyed some drinks and relaxed while sharing how we spent the summer! That quickly turned into talks about how we are going to celebrate #TGIBTS and all of our plans for the coming school year. There were a lot of comments about just getting caught up on the basics since we have all been busy having fun with our kiddos!

We had so much fun at our party!

Heather Reese
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  • Looks like you had fun! We just stocked up on Fruit of the loom tshirts and underwear at Target for $15. Can’t beat their prices!

  • What fun it looks like you guys had! I would love to through a #TGIBTS party, who doesn’t love a reason to have cupcakes right!?

  • Well, my TGIBTS party would include a soap opera theme because when kids are away at school, we get to catch up on our soap operas uninterrupted (real-time and DVR’ed). Soooo…my decorations would include balloons everywhere (helium and taped to the wall) with printouts of the faces of my party-goers’ favorite soap opera stars. I’d serve biscotti and cupcakes with printouts of male soap opera stars attached to toothpicks that I insert into the frosting. For beverages, I’d have a Keurig K-Cup tasting bar set up (you can get these fun assortments of flavored K-Cups on with whipped cream, caramel, and other accompaniments.

  • I would throw my #TGIBTS party with a 80’s theme and show the gif of Tom Cruise doing his underwear dance from Risky Business. My thoughts are you have to have comfie undies to be able to dance around in them!!!

    Keeping in the 80’s theme, I’d serve Tab and boxed mac and cheese LOL

  • I don’t have children – well, my kids have hooves and horns! So I don’t worry about back to school. It sure looks like you had fun. The cupcakes look awesome!

  • I actually did not want the kids to go back to school. I dread the early mornings and extra laundry that comes with school time!

  • My TGIBTS idea would be a musical theme like Grease! Everyone dresses up and we can have songs from the movie and lots of pink!

  • I get a little sad when it’s time to go back to school. I enjoy spending more time with my kids over summer break.

  • Looks like you all had a blast. I was glad for the kids going back to school. Just not the early mornings sigh.

  • A back to school party! What a great idea. A good party theme would be “anything summer” to celebrate the last hurrah before hitting the books again.

  • I say a party with fellow mom friends at my place -manis, pedis, makeovers, and lotsa lotsa laughs – everything we neglect when kids are home all day!

  • sounds like you all had a great time! Think of all the free time now you have on hands. wish you again happy TGIBTS!!

  • How fun to enjoy a party with friends and cupcakes! Something like this should be planned for once a month. Moms need a way to unwind and relax.

  • We just stocked up on our Fruit of the Looms for the boy (and snuck some in the cart for daddy too). 🙂 My son’s excited it’s almost back to school time. My teen daughter, not so much, lol

  • What a fun event – everyone is all smiles! We always use the BTS shopping to stock up on the ‘essentials’ as we call them. They always have the best deals around this time.

  • Love that there was a party to celebrate back to school. I enjoy this time of year, there’s so much excitement, newness and possibility.

  • Thanks for sharing the giveaway! Can’t believe it’s August and back to school already.

  • Looks like fun! For my back to school party I would make alphabet shaped cookies and a cake with my child’s grade decoration on top.

  • You ladies are looking lovely! It is amazing how it is back to school again! We buy Fruit Of The Loom products in this house. What a great party!

  • My TGIBTS party wouldbe for my fellow teachers. SO I would go big on the black theme, like you do when someone turns 50. We’d have a black cake, and play “Pint he tail on the lesson plan”. We would also take turns coming up with how many ways we can say “paradigm shift” and guess how many helicopter parents we’ll talk to the first week of school. Then we’ll break out the wine, and promise ourselves to have fun this year, and look forward to next summer.

  • For a back to school party, I think it’s nice to have school related games and foods like Jell-O alphabets (I have Jell-O alphabet cutters), pencils and erasers for prizes, cupcakes with number toppers and juice, soda and water for drinks. 🙂

  • I think grilling out in our backyard with family and friends would be the perfect way to celebrate! This is my son’s first year, he’ll be in kindergarten so I think we’d set up a jumphouse and slip n’ slide to enjoy the last bit of summer! We’d grill out hot dogs and hamburgers, and make homeade ice cream as well!

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