Summertime Tips To Keep Your Skin Protected

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protect your skin this summer

We are days away from full on pool weather!

We are just waiting for our pool to warm up a bit more and then it’s on! Long days relaxing in the water with nightly BBQ’s! I can’t wait! This also means we will be spending a lot of time in the sun playing and we need to be sure to protect it from the sun’s dangerous rays. I’ve got you covered with these tips to protect your skin this summer with Banana Boat Sunscreen!

I headed over to Walmart to stock up on sunblock for the summer. 

banana boat walmart

banana boat sun screen

The first sunblock I picked up was the Kids Free SPF 50 Clear Spray. No more streaks and SPF 50 coverage is a must for the girl’s skin!

fun in the pool with banana boat


After we sprayed up the little one and got all her skin protected from the sun we went out by the pool and played with the beach ball. We can not wait until we can actually play with it in the pool!


Good catch little one!

banana boat skin protection

 During the summer, or anytime we are going to be in the sun for more than 15 minutes we follow the following tips to keep our skin healthy:

  1. Wear sunscreen every single time.
  2. Avoid the sun during peak hours of 10-2.
  3. Reapply sunscreen often. Especially after playing in the water and sweating.
  4. Wear protective clothing. If you know you will be in the sun all day be sure to wear a hat!
  5. Stay hydrated! Your skin needs lots of water to be it’s best!

banana boat for men

I also picked up the Men’s SPF 30 Clear Spray for my husband. He is in the sun often while exercising and his skin needs protection just as much as the rest of ours.

banana boat protect and hydrate

Protect & Hydrate 50 Lotion is all for me. 

My skin gets so dry in the summer and it’s great to have a product that hydrates and protects like the other sunblocks. With an SPF 50 I know I’m doing my best for my skin.

A couple of my other favorite Banana Boat Sunscreens are Sport SPF 50 Clear Spray, Protect & Hydrate 50 Spray, Men’s SPF 50 Lotion. There is a perfect Banana Boat Sunblock for everyone’s needs!

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  • We only get 3 months of nice weather here in New England, so sun protection is HUGE for us in the summer time.

  • We love the spray on sunscreen here! It’s so convenient and it doesn’t feel greasy like some of the lotions do.

  • You have a gorgeous pool! I would need a truck load of this sunscreen because I’d NEVER be inside! Great photos!

  • Great tips. I know from painful firsthand experience that you can’t just slap some sunscreen on and call it done. Well, you can, but you’ll fry like an egg.

  • Those are most definitely summer essentials. I’m sure my family will be going through tons of sunscreen this summer. I love the smell of the Banana Boat products.

  • It is so important to use sunscreen during the summer months. My friend has skin cancer and we were just talking about sun screen the other day. Thank you for sharing, I am going to get the mens version that you mention in your post for my 19 year old, He will love it.

  • i’m going to check the banana boat for men out- my husband works outdoors a great deal of the time. he had a brand he loved but they changed the formula and he hates the new one so we’re back to searching again

  • The 50 SPF spray sunscreen from Banana boat is always one of the first ones I reach for! It gives enough protection for my kids, and it’s super easy to apply.

  • I love Banana Boat! I have been using their baby sunscreen on my 1 year old daughter since May and it has really helped to prevent her from getting a sunburn on some very hot and sunny days.

  • Normally I would say I prefer a lotion sunscreen, but wiggly kids don’t like to sit still long enough, so I’d be happy to go that spray route to get the job done.

  • For my youngest I much prefer the spray on sunscreen! I love that my hands don’t wind up feeling all gross!

  • I much prefer spray on sunscreen too, no icky hands. It’s hard for my kids to put on themselves though. But still my first choice.

  • Looks like you had a fun time by the pool! I too am very excited for warm weather and backyard BBQ’s #client

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