27 hours in Ohio & Justice Headquarters Visit – It's a Lovely Life!

27 hours in Ohio & Justice Headquarters Visit

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Last week we flew out to Justice Headquarters in Columbus OH for a whirlwind 27 hours of fun for a preview of their new back-to-school line and a huge makeover that the stores just went through. They are now offering fashions for every girl, every day at noticeably lower prices. This post is a sponsored post partnership with Justice and my girls were thrilled to be a pat of it (I was too!).

20150715_051400 20150715_162328

Not so bright, but very early in the morning we left home for an adventure to Ohio.

We have a huge list of places on our travel wish list and sadly Ohio wasn't on it. The saddest part is that it really should have been. Since Pete grew up in Pennsylvania he's been to Ohio plenty of times. He said he didn't think to add it to the list because it's so much like Pennsylvania in a lot of ways and he never even thought much about it. 

I am so glad that we did end up visiting, despite it not being on the list, because it is one of our favorite trips this year. The people were so friendly. Holding doors open, saying “hi” to each other and tons of smiles. We felt so happy during our stay. It's also so green! Coming from a drought ridden San Diego, seeing green grass and trees was like a dream!

20150715_191147 20150715_191152

When we landed we were swept away to our hotel to relax for a few moments and then it was off to dinner with some of the Justice Executives. We got the chance to know them better and learn about their passion for providing girls clothes that help “every girl every day” feel their best.

Every moment of our time spent with Justice was magical and I loved hearing them talk about their “girl”. They truly feel a connection with each of their customers and they consider them like their own daughters or little sisters. They want the best for them and they want them to feel and look their best at all times.


After dinner we headed down to the pool. 

Em's never been in an indoor pool so she was thrilled. We heard her say “best day of my life” about 50 times over the next day…

justice campus tour

When we got back up to our room we found some surprises waiting for us!

Adorable Justice backpacks filled with goodies and cookies! This totally got us excited for our visit to headquarters the next day! 

justice backpacks for back to school

First thing the next morning the girls and I were on a bus and ready for a fun day!

justice headquarters visit ohiojustice every girl every day

Em is wearing a new Justice combo scarf/shawl. You can wrap it around your neck or wear it with your arms through it. Genius I tell you! I also learned that all their bras have the ability to change to razor backs. I wish they made those for adults too. Such a smart idea and a great way to help girls feel comfortable in all the clothes they wear.


There were a lot of selfies taken with the new selfie sticks that the girls got in their surprise back packs! 

We also had the opportunity to learn about the new changes coming to Justice that are going to make shopping for our daughters more fun and save us some money too!

Their new new look is full of excitement, energy and fun. Just like our girls!

Their new offers are straightforward with easy-to-understand savings. There won't be anymore coupon deals or 40% off the store, so you won't have to do anymore math in the store while trying to shop. I know it wasn't a lot of math that was required, but I'm just happy about this change because it will really simplify shopping with the girls. It was had to keep track of three kids and calculate the cost of a shirt. 

They will have awesome “Style Buys” too, which are a special collection of gotta-have-it styles at smart prices. Like $20 jeans! Ashley loves thier jeans and these are great prices!

All of their new styles are about celebrating our daughters. It's about what makes you, you! 

You can see all the excitement on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #EveryGirlEveryDay

justice designers

We started our day with breakfast and then we got to hang out with these two amazing Justice Designers! We were really surprised at just how many people it takes to create great clothing!

Then it was off to have a look behind the scenes… and Em tried on a few up and coming releases… 

behind the scenes at justice clothes for girlsnew justice clothesjustice clothing designsjustice clothes glitter

I had to show this off to you all… the glitter books! How fun would it be to get to be the person in charge of picking the glitter? Best job ever!

justice colors

When Maddie was in elementary school she had a uniform.

Not a school mandated one, nope, one that she created. It was Justice jeans, a Justice undershirt and one of these Justice soft shirts. She had every color and it really showed off her personality. When we saw this we had to stop and get a picture of her with them all! So many memories! I hope Em creates the same uniform!

closet full of justice clothes

Imagine a huge “closet” the size of a house. Now imagine getting to walk though and see all the styles Justice has created over the years. That is where these happy grins came from…


And then it was the moment we've all been waiting for… the fashion show!

So many awesome new styles and something for every girl to express their own personality. 

justice founder 20150716_165645justice fashion show

justice back to school fashion show

And then it was time to say goodbye to our new friends and head home!

The girls and I will be stopping by a local store soon for our own shopping experience and to share more about the new store makeover (think wider isles, stroller friendly) and better pricing! 

Even Pete came along for the trip!

20150716_220802 20150716_224419

Have you started back to school shopping yet?

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  1. This looks like it was an amazing event and a wonderful awesome time for the girls for sure. They looks so cute. Justice sounds like an amazing place to shop indeed for the girls and they have great prices. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a fun trip for your girls (and you). I think it is great to go on trips like these. Justice has quite a few cute items, my niece would love these.

  3. that was really fun. such a great experience my girls would surely like this kind of event when they saw it

  4. What an awesome experience! It looks like the girls had a blast! I’m also happy to hear how they’re revamped their pricing. You’re right, it does make it easier.

  5. I’m an Ohio girl through and through and call Cincinnati my hometown. Love that you got to visit Justice. My girls will be jealous! Oh and Cheryls cookies are the best!

  6. I am pretty sure that we will be shopping here this year! It feels so weird that my 8 year old is now in a whole other section when it comes to clothing!

  7. How fun!! Super cool experience for you and your girls. I think my kids would freak out about an indoor pool too. Living in Florida you don’t see that around here

  8. What a neat experience and so cool that the girls were able to go with you. Seeing the color palette that way is super cool, by the way.

  9. Looks like you all had a fabulous time! I’ve never really shopped at Justice because I have all boys. However, I was at the mall the other day, and noticed their sign saying how they had changed. Thanks for sharing those changes!

  10. That sounds like such a fun event! My daughter is a huge fan of the Justice line of clothing. I like they can make trendy clothes that look great on girls without revealing a lot of skin!

  11. This looks like a good time, I used to love the clothes in Justice. I have a 10 year old son so I never actually shopped there. I do recall the prices being a bit high though. I now have a 3 year old daughter and so we may or may not have a future shopping at Justice.

  12. My 8 year old daughter loves that back pack she was sitting on my lap while I was reading we watched the cute fashion video. Now I have a list of items for back to school.

  13. I live in Pennsylvania and have been to Ohio quite a few times. Every time we have been there we were absolutely amazed by how friendly the people there were. My husband asked me if this is what the rest of the country is like and we’re just jaded or mean in Pennsylvania. He seriously couldn’t wrap his mind around it!

  14. Sounds like a wonderful event & I am sure you guys had a wonderful experience with lots of fun as well. All the pictures you have shared here are just awesome. I have never shopped at Justice before, but looks like they have amazing varieties of trendy clothes in beautiful colors. Will have to check it out.

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