Instant Pot Vegan Soy Curls Chicken-less Noodle Soup

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Instant Pot Soy curls chicken noodle soup vegan

A couple of weeks ago almost the whole family was sick. Thankfully, I missed that round of germs, but I wasn’t 100% either. I hurt my back and then broke my foot. It is kind of funny to say it now, but at the time, it was no laughing matter. Having the one person who didn’t have a bad cold be sidelined made everyday life more difficult than it had to be. 

My family still had to eat, so I pulled out my trusty Instant Pot, tossed in some ingredients, and in less than half an hour later we had the best soup I’ve ever made.

I had no intention of even sharing this recipe, but after I tasted it, I knew I had to. It was so good. I’ve made it a couple of times since, and I added more liquid to it (which I included in the recipe below). The first time I made it, it was more stew-like or a really thick soup. 

vegan chicken noodle soup

Here is the very loose recipe I used. Since I just added what I had on hand, and I have done it since, you can do the same. It still turns out great without exact measurements.

I want to talk about my Instant Pot for a second. I was a huge hold out in getting one and now I’m kicking myself for waiting so long. We use it daily to make rice, pasta, soup and so much more. I love that I can do other things when our food is cooking and that the food always turns out perfect each time. The main reason I waited to buy an Instant Pot was that I was afraid it would be loud, be hard to use, and possibly explode if I don’t use it correctly. It sounds so ridiculous to say that now because it is the easiest thing to use and so safe too. There are multiple safety features to make sure of it. 



  1. Set your Instant Pot to “saute” and then add a splash of water to it and the mirepoix mix. Water saute them until the onion is translucent and the carrots are soft.
  2. Turn the Instant Pot off and add the noodles and Butler Soy Curls.
  3. Add enough broth to not only cover the noodles and curls but to go at least 5 inches above. This should still be far from the maximum line. 
  4. Set your IP on manual for 4 minutes, quick release.
  5. Salt and pepper to taste.

That’s it! I have also added spinach when I salt and peppered it along with frozen broccoli with the noodles and soy curls. The possibilities are endless. I want to make a creamy chicken-less rice soup next time with cauliflower and cashews. Every day I think of a new use for the Instant Pot, and even my teens use it all the time. One thing we did learn is that you have to really clean the lid and valves with hot water and soap immediately after use. We soak the pot and clean it a bit later, but the lid needs to be cleaned right away to avoid any hard to clean build-up from starches, like pasta and rice.

Heather Reese
the authorHeather Reese
Heather Delaney Reese is the storyteller and photographer behind the lifestyle and family travel blog, It's a Lovely Life®! For the past decade, she has vacationed over 150 days a year with her family. She is a vegan, and loves being by the water, spending time with her children, husband, 2 Shih Tzus and Cat.


  • Hi Heather,

    Just wanted to write and tell you that I tried this last night and it was a huge success! Thanks so much for the recipe.

  • Oh my gosh this was PERFECT! I felt like I was coming down with something and was really craving a broth but didn’t know what to put in it and I stumbled on your recipe. It is SO good! I will definitely make this again. Thank you!!!!!

  • Hi Heather,

    You talk about a mixture of for the broth. Can you tell me what you use and how much of each? Thanks a bunch1

    • Hi Melissa,

      I have cans and boxes of broth at home and the cubes, etc. I don’t have any measurements for them but I make sure to add enough broth to not only cover the noodles and curls but to go at least 5 inches above. This should still be far from the maximum line. I kinda wing it with the mix each time and it always turns out good!

  • I thought I did 5 inches above but it came out with not enough broth. I added more and then refrigerated it. The next day, the pasta had absorbed all the liquid. What size box of noodles did you use? I used a 1 lb box as there was no measurement listed. Maybe an 8oz box wouldn’t have soaked up all the liquid. It tasted wonderful so I would like to make it again if I have the correct measurements!

    • Hi Shari! I’ve used boxes of all sizes and always had some liquid left to make it more soup like. I would probably add a couple inches more of liquid if it will fit in your pot to see how that works. You can also add more broth after it cooked and before you serve it the next day to get that liquid ratio just right! So glad you enjoyed it! It is still our go-to soup recipe!

  • So I’ve made this a couple times & my family loves it. However it always sprays everywhere even though it’s far from the max, barely covers everything & then there’s not a lot of broth when I open it. Fortunately I threw a towel over it last time remembering that it sprayed everywhere the first time so it didn’t make a huge mess. Any suggestions?
    Should I just let it natural release?

    • Hi Tawnya,

      So glad you and your family enjoy it. This is something that happens with a lot of dishes in the Instant Pot so I just throw a towel over it when I release the pressure. I also add more broth sometimes when I want a soupier dish right before I serve it. Hope this helps!

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