Indoor Summer Fun For Rainy and Hot Days

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We actually had an afternoon of rain complete with thunder and lightening. A rarity for us in San Diego, so the girls and I had an impromptu music party and I’m sharing all about it via this sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pringles® Summer Jam.


When the skies started to go grey we started to think outside play wasn’t going to be an option anymore.

Living in Southern California we almost never have to think of inside only play so this was actually kinda exciting for us! I instantly thought of food and music! That’s just where my mind goes in situations like that. My oldest and youngest LOVE music. Maddie and Pete go to concerts often and Maddie even plays the guitar. The little one loves to dance to music and her tablet is loaded with her favorite songs. I’m proud to say that even some of my favorite 80’s music made the cut, and she likes it too.

pringles chips

Then I remembered that we had Pringles® and drum sticks and I knew how we were going to rock this inside time!

It was an epic few hours of family fun and a lot of laughs. We had moments of straight drum playing and also some times where we played music with it while we played along on our make shift drums. And Pringles® is totally cool with that! They know that people are already using their cans as instruments, so they’re getting in on the fun by challenging music sensation M4Sonic and a group of musicians of varying styles and backgrounds – called the Percussion Prodigies – to incorporate the brand’s iconic can into their musical expression. Pretty cool right?

I know that our level of drum playing isn’t even close to touching the professionals, but for us it’s really fun… and encourages family togetherness while providing some healthy movement, instead of just sitting on a day we couldn’t run around outside or go swimming.

Good memories were made. 

pringles can drums

Music fans are going to love this!

pringles having fun

And then when we got hungry we just popped open a can!

eating pringles

We even had a special visitor stop by to play… my sweet littlest niece! She had so much fun!

fun with family

Do you have jam sessions at home too?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pringles® Summer Jam.

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