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I’ve noticed that those who grow gardens are not just growing plants. They are growing something a whole lot bigger. They might be growing food for their families or growing traditions that have been handed down for generations. When I am growing a garden, I know that what I’m really growing is love!

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. It’s for new beginnings and planting my ever favorite PUMPKINS! Pumpkins to me are all about love. I know that not everyone sees pumpkins and thinks of love, but I sure do! 


Some of the best memories I have of my girls growing up has been at the pumpkin patch. There is just something about big ole pumpkins that makes me appreciate life and all the joy in it. Maybe it’s because a pumpkin starts as a tiny seed that grows into a huge plant that flowers and turns into an amazing fruity gourd? Or maybe it’s because it is a time that we are all together and just having fun… either way, pumpkins are special to me. 

A couple of years ago we grew the mother of all pumpkins. It was huge. We still talk about it and how we all tried to pick it up and nobody could get it off the ground alone. It’s one of those moments we all bonded over something that was a common goal. It was our love for each other that had us all out there watering that pumpkin all through the hot summer. Each of us wanting to show how much we loved each other by helping that pumpkin get as big as possible. It was all us working hard to help that pumpkin reach its fullest potential.

Our pumpkin patch was a group effort. We spent time together planting, tending to and harvesting our crop. We might have been growing pumpkins… but we were really growing love!


follow to help my pumpkins reach their fullest potential. A couple years ago I did my own little experiment and saw how much of a boost my strawberry plants got from Miracle Grow and I’ll be giving my pumpkins that same jump start. 

Heather Reese
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Heather Delaney Reese is the storyteller and photographer behind the lifestyle and family travel blog, It's a Lovely Life®! For the past decade, she has vacationed over 150 days a year with her family. She is a vegan, and loves being by the water, spending time with her children, husband, 2 Shih Tzus and Cat.


  • We are planning on starting a garden this year. We have in times past, but got away from it. I love pumpkins too!

  • Love the picture of your husband holding your daughter, so cute! Love using real pumpkins in our baking – blows the canned pumpkin out of the water!

  • We really need to start on that garden we keep talking about! I already have my bag of MiracleGro ready!!

  • We have an herb garden every year, and grow blackberries. Sometimes we will get gallons and gallons of blackberries!

  • We grow a garden to grow hard workers. My kids have to help with the garden and i believe it teaches them hard work, but also satisfaction when they see what they can accomplish and it provides all the favorite foods we all love. We also grow memories of working together.

  • I plant a huge garden every spring and use miracle grow to start my seeds! It gives great results and big, hearty plants.

  • I always have a garden and really look forward to spring. This year it seems like the snow will never melt!

  • I love miracle gro for my gardens to my trees, I swear my yard would be a desert without the stuff!!

  • We are planning to start an herb garden. 🙂 I use Miracle Gro on our flowers, it’s amazing.

  • I soo wish I had a green thumb… but we use miracle grow this year and I have high hopes that I can at least my herbs to grow..LOL

  • We love to at least TRY to grow things. We did pumpkins last year and it’s something that has always grown well for us with minimal effort. And it’s fun to have lots and lots of pumpkins for Halloween.

  • Oh how wonderful, these are some great pics.. what is not to love!? I am waiting to move and then I am going to finally get to plant the garden I’ve always wanted. I am so excited!

  • My family has property where they grow all kinds of things. I need to do something in my own backyard, but it’s so nice to have like a “family crop” going on there. You need a lot of room for pumpkins that’s for sure!!

  • My neighbors used to have a pumpkin patch and it was always so much fun to see them growing and changing color. There really is something special about gardening!

  • Pumpkin patches are so much fun! I want to start a small garden this year, but it will have to be just for herbs because we don’t have a lot of space.

  • I tried growing pumpkins a couple years ago but they didn’t turn out that big. Maybe I should try Miracle Grow!

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