IKEA Foundation Is Helping To End Child Labor – It's a Lovely Life!

IKEA Foundation Is Helping To End Child Labor

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Childhood should be a magical time where fun and learning are the most important part of a child's day.

My girls are all lucky {like I was} where we spend our days happy and feeling safe. Unfortunately, it's not like that for all children. IKEA Foundation Child Labor initiative is working hard to change that!


IKEA Foundation Partners Save The Children aim to improve opportunities for children and youth in the poorest communities by funding holistic, long-term programs that can create substantial, lasting change. They use innovative approaches in four fundamental areas of a child's life… a place to call home, a healthy start in life, a quality education and a sustainable family income.

All of those areas are so important to a positive childhood and beyond!


So many of these basic things that we take for granted are desperately needed and I'm so happy that the IKEA Foundation is involved in this.

The IKEA FOUNDATION has had much success since it started. Some of which include over 10,000 migrant children moving back into their home communities and an improved school enrollment rates in participating villages with nearly 2,000 teachers trained!

I especially love that 1,866 Anganwadi (health and education) workers were trained in teaching practices, giving each village in the program a skilled community worker!

The IKEA Foundation video really shows how much of a childhood children miss when they are used as child labor. I am so happy that so much is being done to end it!

From IKEA Foundation's CEO, Per Heggenes “We know that there is no quick-fix solution to ending child labor, but long-term approaches can yield impressive results. The IKEA Foundation, with our partners, has been tacking this issue in India for nearly a decade. This new phase reinforces our long-term commitment and our desire to help millions more children out of child labor and back in the classroom”

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  1. It is so good to hear IKEA is working against child labor. It is just heartbreaking that things like this happen in our world. IKEA is giving us a glimmer of hope!

  2. Your girls are precious, it’s hard to think that people force children just as precious to take on the weight of adults. Everyone need the chance to be a kid.

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