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I Hit The Jackpot Of Blogging Tools!

I hit the jackpot! Well, not actually because I don't really gamble (ok, every once in a while I put $20 into a slot machine).  Moving on…

We never use those free stock image sites online, and you shouldn't either. Like this article says…it is simply not worth it to risk getting sued.

As I was looking for some stock images the other day, I stumbled upon a goldmine….a bundle of 700 photos that we could use for the blog, Pinterest, Instagram, and countless other projects.  They were being sold by a European photographer that took all the photos himself. The price was so low it actually surprised me (in a good way).
I started scrolling through his photos and I was blown away. THEY REALLY ARE STUNNING!
Buy 700 Beautiful Stock Photo For Only 8 Cents A Piece!
One of our big goals this year is to step up our Pinterest game, and this will help out so much.  Pinterest is a great source of traffic for so many bloggers and I know that we are putting as much effort into it as we should. It was a no-brainer for me to buy it because I knew this could really help. Also, I really hate to pass up a deal!
After I bought it, I started thinking about how this could really help out a lot of other bloggers too. I reached out directly to the photographer, and asked if he would give a coupon code to any of our readers that wanted to buy the collection for themselves.  He was happy to do so…

Here is a 10% coupon code for all our readers: itsalovely10

He is asking $59 for the whole package of 700 photos.  After the coupon code, the price comes down to $53.10. That is under 8 cents per photo!  I almost feel bad because the price is so low. I know how hard it is to take photos like this.
A couple other things…the photos are already edited perfectly, so that saves a lot of time. Also, they can be used for any commercial web purposes. 
If you want to see samples of all the photos for yourself, scroll down this page.  You will be scrolling for a long time….the package is really big. They are broken down into categories so they are easy to locate after you download them.
Feel free to share this page with a friend if they could use these photos themselves too.
Remember: The coupon code is itsalovely10
Remember: The coupon code is itsalovely10

THUMB-wooden-textures 1.3-PREVIEW-wood 1.2-PREVIEW-wood

Autumn-preview-1 1-PREVIEW-autumn 1.3-PREVIEW-autumn 1.2-PREVIEW-autumn 1.1-PREVIEW-autumn
Remember: The coupon code is itsalovely10
Mountains-preview-1 1-PREVIEW-mountains-1 1.3-PREVIEW-mountains-1 1.2-PREVIEW-mountains-1
Remember: The coupon code is itsalovely10
1.2-PREVIEW-people-in-landscapes Landscapes-preview-1 1-PREVIEW-people-in-landscapes
1-PREVIEW-winter 1.3-PREVIEW-winter 1.2-PREVIEW-winter
1-PREVIEW-seascape 1.3-PREVIEW-seascape 1.2-PREVIEW-seascape
Remember: The coupon code is itsalovely10
1-PREVIEW-nightscapes 1.2-PREVIEW-nightscapes
1-PREVIEW-macro-nature 1.4-PREVIEW-macro-nature 1.3-PREVIEW-macro-nature 1.2-PREVIEW-macro-nature
Dolomites-preview-1 2-PREVIEW-dolomites 2.2.-PREVIEW-dolomites 2.1-PREVIEW-dolomites
If you made it this far down the page, you know that this is really an awesome collection of images!

Enter Coupon Code: itsalovely10

Buy The Package HERE:  Only $53.10 (after the coupon code) 

I know he will cut off sales at a certain point, so make sure to get the deal now while it is still available.
Let me know if you bought it in the comments below and if so, how you plan to use these pics.  Feel free to share this post if you have any other friends that could use these images too.

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