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I and love and you cat food Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for “I and love and you” Total Pet Care. 

Last month I shared that we transitioned our pets to “I and love and you” pet food.

It’s been almost a month now on their new food and they are still loving it. This guy here, who never really cared much for his food LOVES his new food! This is what he does whenever he hears me start to open the bag of cat food. It’s also been great to be able to buy everyone’s food at our local So Cal Ralph’s store. No more having to make extra stops for the pet’s food since I can now buy it with our groceries!

Our other cat has a flair for the dramatic.

He really thinks he’s royalty and he hangs out on this chair like it’s his throne. He’s super picky about his cat food, but he also LOVES to eat and I have to be careful that he doesn’t over do it because he tends to pack on the pounds!  He’s doing wonderfully on “I and love and you”. He loves it and has seen no fluctuation in his weight.
I and Love and You pet care

I even hand deliver his food to him on his favorite spot!

I and love and you natural cat food

I can’t leave out the dog.

Rufus is totally loving his new food and especially his “Free Ranger. Beef Bully Stix” They are his favorite treat ever and he totally gets excited just seeing the pouch. I love giving them to him too because I know they make him so happy just like he makes all of us so happy just having him around!

 He is such a happy guy and “I and love and you” dog chews make him even happier!

I and Love and you dog treats

Pete and I made this video of us giving him a new treat after I got a new package.

I wish I had saved the outtakes from taking the videos. He’s totally camera shy, but he really wanted the treats so the first two times I tried to film him, {over like 2 weeks time} he would see the camera, take the treat and then run faster than I’ve ever seen him run up the hill to eat it. I seriously think he knows I’m in no shape for hill runs and would go up the hill just so I couldn’t tape it. He has never done that before… he obviously wanted to enjoy his favorite treat in peace with no paparazzi! 


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  • I love my pets because they are my best friends. They are loyal, sweet and always make me smile. I couldn’t imagine life without them. Thank You for the wonderful pet-related giveaway!

  • I love my pets because they are so loyal and so much fun. And they don’t argue and talk back to me (at least not too often)

  • I love my pets because they are part of the family and are so devoted to us. They are always glad to see us and a put a smile on our face everyday.

  • I have 3 dogs and I think I could go on for days. So, I’ll keep it short – they ARE my life! They make me smile and laugh and comfort me when I’m down. 🙂

  • I love my pets cuz of all the unconditional love and cuddles I receive! They make my life better and I am blessed to share my world with them!

  • i dont have cats, but would love to win to donate to SAFE Haven cat shelter and rescue, a 501c. they have a pet food bank for both cats and dogs, which i contribute on a reg. basis. it is like the food bank for people.
    i have 3 little girls, mini schnauzers, and the are my children as if i had given birth to them….they are the apples of mom’s eye….as the saying goes “they complete me”

  • I love my pets because they are so loyal to me. My dog is just like one of my children, I take her with me whenever I can because I just hate to leave her alone.

  • She’s a great friend & companion and always makes me laugh….also a good watch dog.

  • I love my cats because they are a part of my family. They make my life more complete.

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