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Our 2017 travels have been divided between warm-weather destinations and cold weather ones. There wasn’t much in between this year. No complaining from us, though, everywhere we went was awesome! Now that it is almost 2017 we are back in planning more. We have a few really exciting trips already planned, and more destinations on our list for the coming year as do many others. As I’ve started sharing our travel plans for 2017, I have been asked many times over how we do it? How do we travel so much? How are the girls schooled? How are we able to afford to travel so much?

I think it’s time to talk about this more and today I’m sharing one part of this. How we afford to travel. This question is a really good one. After over a decade of writing and years of having a focus on family travel we are able to partner with those in the travel industry and we are paid to travel. That means all of our expenses are covered and we are paid like any other job, except I like to think that this is the best job in the world. It is a lot of work, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. There are still times though that we want to take a trip that is not covered by one of our wonderful partners, and in those instances, we plan smart with a travel comparison search engine to find the best deals.


We are not budget travelers, so for us it is all about finding the best deal on plane tickets and we are loving how our sponsored post parter lets us search and compare the best offers among hundreds of results for flights, bus, train, and car offers in just one click. We have learned that if we can find good deals on that portion of travel, there is a very good chance that there will be good deals to be had on the rest of our travel needs like hotels.


If you are new to that is because they are new to the U.S, but they are already the market-leading travel comparison site in France. They are ranked among the top 5 travel sites in other Western European countries and present in 15 countries with over 1 million searches a month on its US site already!

The best part is that the site and app are free, and booking is finalized on the merchant website. This ensures that liligo is objective, unbiased, fast and simple to use!


I tested out a few searches and it was so easy to do. After you enter your search criteria, you then have the option to book directly on the site that pulls up in the search directly. It was so simple and the pricing was very clear with lowest prices first. liligo also has a “Where To Go” feature on their website to help you find places you can travel to, that are in your budget and within your timeline.  This feature on liligo is perfect for people looking for a spontaneous trip that they also want to be affordable. So many of our trips are planned this way, and I know this is going to be my go-to first stop in planning our travels now.

If you like to plan your travels on the go, you will love that liligo also has an Android app that makes it easy to find your next trip while you’re on the go. The Android app’s “Sweet spot” feature helps you find the optimal journey by finding the sweet spot between the quickest and cheapest form of transportation. This would have come in handy for us when we planned our trip to Jamaica from Hawaii last year where we traveled less than two weeks later!

Are you planning any vacations in 2017?

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