How We Keep Our Kids and Ourselves Entertained and Happy On Flights

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This year we have taken some pretty amazing vacations. We've gone by car to a few, but mostly we've been racking up the miles with plane travel. We have our longest flights coming up in just a couple weeks- 10+ hours to London from Los Angeles.

I like to think that we are pretty “go with the flow” travelers, but the reality is that there is a lot of planning that goes on behind the scenes to make it feel like we are “good to go” with whatever we have thrown at us.

Maddie on the WEYV app on our flight to Bozeman.

When you are traveling with kids, the most important thing to do is to try to be prepared for all situations. That means making sure you have more than enough snacks in case they don't like the food served on the plane, you have to hang out on the tarmac for an extended period of time, or you experience any sort of delay. We have had all of these things happen to us and snacks and entertainment saved of our sanity and turned a pretty unfortunate situation into just another bump in the adventure.

Snacks are easy when it comes to packing. We always get to the airport early and we buy bottles of water for on the plane. Even though we fly in premium cabins, we always make sure we have our own water so that there is never a delay in accessing it. While we are picking up our water, we buy fresh snacks like fruit bowls, veggies, and salads. A couple of days before we buy packaged snacks too like protein bars, fruit strips, and granola bars. I used to way over pack these sorts of things, but now I have it down better what we can really consume and what everyone's favorite things are. When Emmy was a lot younger, I also would carry lollipops because those always sound good to her and because they take a while to consume… which makes time go by quicker for her. I'm not a huge sugar pusher so it was also a big treat that she looked forward to!

Emmy picking a playlist on WEYV in Hawaii.

With snacks taken care of, entertainment is the next most important thing when it comes to smooth travels. The thing is, we can't be bogged down with books and magazines which are my kids' favorite things to read. There just isn't the space for them in our bags and we are trying to travel as light (literally) as possible.

Our sponsor, The WEYV App is the answer to our plane entertainment needs and then some.

The best part is that it is something that all of us use and love.  I've written about it before and shared about it all over my social media accounts because it has become an absolute necessity for us when we travel, although you certainly don't have to use it just for travel. I'm even listening to it right now via their Web Player!

Here is how Pete, the girls and I use WEYV along with some other random thoughts about why we love it.

At 8, Emmy she still loves to have books read to her. I think this is awesome on so many levels, and WEYV now has a whole collection of e-books from Cricket Media under their 3-6 age grouping that the app scrolls through the pages with fun images all while it reads the words on the pages. I just plop some headphones on Emmy and she can read along! I would even say that kiddos who love books might enjoy some of these up to age 10.

There are also magazines for ages 0-14+. The big girls loved reading Highlights and Girls’ Life magazines and now Emmy is getting to experience it too!

From our experience, those that are 6-9 will most likely like the other age groups too so don't let the age recommendations completely limit you. Be sure to take a look at all the available magazines for kids.

For Maddie, Ash, Pete and I all really like our playlists, magazines and being able to listen to music as the plane takes off and as people are getting on and settled. Those seem to be the most stressful times of the flight and our Enya station is perfect then.

Having magazines that we can read without having to pack them everywhere we go has encouraged Pete to get back into reading them on the plane after he gets some work done and needs to relax a bit. Since he has been on a mission to find us the perfect beach house, he has been reading Coastal Living and is downloading issues for the long flight coming up.

Maddie and I are using the playlists a lot and we are personalizing and customizing them more now that we are getting more comfortable with the app. We are also just starting to create stations too that play music based on our favorite artists.  As we get deeper into all that WEYV can do, we have also started to get more and more ideas on how we can use it for even more time, like music as we get ready in the morning. We both have a playlist that we listen to that gets us all excited to take on the world, or at least my work and her school work. Another cool feature is that you can listen to music as you are reading. Plus, there are trending suggestions too and articles from the magazines that might be of interest to you.

I am even finding myself getting excited about our upcoming longer flight just because I will get some quiet time to do some reading and listening to music!

As much as I have shared how much we LOVE WEYV, I think the best way to really know how great it is and how much it can enhance your life and travels, is for you to try it!

Right now, you all can try the WEYV family plan for free (no credit card required) for two months with my coupon code: LOVELYLIFE18. Just sign-up at and enter the code LOVELYLIFE18, then download the app and log in.

WEYV is available for iOS and Android devices and via Web Player (U.S. residents only) so you can start using WEYV right now!

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