How We Celebrate Everyday Life Wins

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Frozen Chicken Florentine

My parents have been traveling a lot back and forth from where we live to where my sister and her family live. I know that they don't mind the back and forth at all (they actually love being able to be a part of both of our lives,) but the miles were adding up on their cars. So when my mom and dad visited us a couple nights ago driving a new car, it was a reason to celebrate. Actually, just being together was a reason to celebrate. 

I could tell that they were hungry after their time at the dealership so I offered to whip them up a delicious meal. They happily accepted and in the time it took for everyone to go outside to admire the car, I had a meal ready for them and waiting on the table.


It helped that when Pete and I were doing our weekly grocery shopping trip that we had stocked up on Bertolli Frozen Chicken Florentine and P.F. Chang’s Frozen Beef and Broccoli for an occasion just like this. It is easy to grab them quickly from the freezer section at Walmart as we are getting everything else we needed for the week.

Pete used to joke with me that my preparations were overboard for everything in life, but now he does the same. The way I see it, I'd rather have too much of something than not enough. Since we tend to be short of time anyways, I love knowing that I have everything on hand to celebrate all the good in our everyday life. That way, we really are celebrating and I'm not creating more work for myself. That would definitely put a damper on the celebration aspect!

pf changs

I ended up stocking up on a couple different meals for my parents' visits. My dad loves Bertolli Frozen Chicken Florentine, their version of the classic Italian favorite. It has farfalle pasta cooked up al dente with grilled white meat chicken and tender spinach, prepared in a luscious sauce made with white wine and Parmesan and Romano cheeses. 

My Mom's favorite celebration dinner is P.F. Chang’s Frozen Beef and Broccoli. It is a simple meal with fresh ingredients that bring out the bold flavors of a traditional favorite. She also enjoys the marinated beef and crisp broccoli drizzled with savory garlic soy sauce.

With both of these frozen meals, I can have dinner on the table for them in just about 11 minutes from start to finish. That is just about enough time for Emmy to tell them all about her day at school, or Maddie and Ash to talk them into seeing a movie the coming weekend. We are so lucky to have grandparents on both sides that live so close by and want to be a part of our girl's lives.

bertolli frozen meals easy

Both of these Meals for Two are so easy to make and enjoy and I love knowing I have them on hand to celebrate whatever I feel like celebrating with my parents!

easy weeknight meals

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Chicken Florentine

Be sure to stock up at Walmart so that you always have Bertolli and P.F. Chang’s on hand for impromptu celebrations too.

What are some recent reasons to celebrate in your home?

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