How To Visit Jamaica As A VIP With Club Mobay Review

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Pete and I had already started planning our visit to Jamaica when we learned about travel partner, Club Mobay at a travel show. We both looked at each other, and knew that we had to experience it ourselves when we visited. 

Club Mobay is a VIP experience for those flying in and out of Montego Bay Jamaica. They also have a sister service at the Kingston airport too!

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Club Mobay offers custom offerings to meet your needs and VIP level of service. We booked the bundled “Arrival Meet and Greet” and the “VIP Departure. ” We can’t recommend it enough.

The Montego Bay airport is expansive and very nice…especially for being on a tropical island. The airport can get pretty busy at times, and Club Mobay does limit the number of clients that it takes at a time to provide such exceptional service.

Right as we deplaned and walked down the corridor, we were greeted by a Club Mobay Representative that ushered us through customs and immigration, and then to pick up our checked bags. She made sure our forms were properly completed, and we were given expedited service through all the lines. I would imagine this alone saved us a couple hours.  

lounge for vip travel to montego bay

After that we were welcomed to the Club Mobay lounge where we enjoyed complimentary snacks and drinks (alcoholic drinks were available too). During this time we relaxed while our Club Mobay rep went and found our driver and our bags were all guarded for us.

jamaica rum punch

montego bay airport vip

There were hot and cold snacks, like sandwiches and little sweets. There were also chips and other kid friendly options. Everyone was so welcoming, friendly, and excited for us to begin our vacation. This really set the tone for our whole stay in Jamaica.

vip service lounge montego bay

We were passed off to our driver after our punch and snacks and on our way to our resort!

reese family its a lovely life

moon palace jamaica grande pools

Our time in Jamaica flew by and before we knew it, we were headed back to the airport. With departure lounge tickets in hand, we were again given expedited clearance through security and all the other fun parts of the airport. 

admission voucher

We made our way to the departure lounge.  Having the Club Mobay VIP service during departure too, really stretched our vacation even longer. The normal stress that comes from sitting in the terminal waiting for your plane to arrive didn’t happen this time. Instead we had snacks and drinks… and watched TV while relaxing. 

club mobay departure lounge

food at club mobay

hot foods

VIP lounge jamaica

There is even a play area for the littlest travelers. 

childrens play area

They also offer add on services like mini spa treatments! While you are relaxing in the lounge, flight reminders are being called out for each flight so that you know when you need to head back to the terminal….which is right outside Club Mobay’s doors. We plan to return to Jamaica soon and we will definitely be using Club Mobay VIP service again for both arrivals and departures. 

Here is a video of our Club Mobay VIP experience:

Have you been to Jamaica?

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