How To Shop For Prom Without Leaving Your Home

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We have shared before how much we love shopping on Amazon and how our teens have their own logins that are linked to our account, which allows setting some parental controls. This has made shopping so much easier and more efficient. Ash has bought everything from new workout gear to dishwashing detergent when she saw we were getting low. I just want to let that sink in for a moment. She bought household must-haves without having to constantly remind me that we were running low. I pretty much felt like I won the lottery the day she did that. Like the world shifted and life started to all make sense.

We really put it to the test when it came to prom shopping.

I had a cold which meant I was homebound for a few days, but life still had to go on. More importantly, prom shopping needed to happen. With me not feeling 100% and Ash’s crazy workout schedule, I wasn’t sure how we would get it done. Then Maddie and Ash decided to look on Amazon and see if they could get everything she needed there.

The girls grabbed some snacks and had a full-on shopping party in our family room. This was one of the few times Emmy wasn’t involved, mainly because the teens knew Em would want Ash to buy a bright pink dress and neither of them is good at telling her “no”. Ha!

Since Ash has her own login that is connected to my account, she and Maddie were able to shop independently on Amazon while I was still kept informed. I am able to set a spending limit for her – it took me two clicks to set it to $100, but you can choose a different amount. I would trust Ash with a much higher limit, but I just can’t imagine she would really need it. With the limit set, any purchase under that is charged to the credit card I authorized, and the shipping address I have set. For amounts higher than that I get a text or email that I can then approve, thus processing the order.

I love the flexibility involved so that each family can make the best decision for their own family.

Plus, I receive itemized notifications for every order and can cancel and return any item in accordance with Amazon’s policies.

The best part is that since we have Prime, we can share select Prime benefits with our teens including Free Two-Day shipping, Prime Video, and Twitch Prime at no additional cost.

The girls quickly found a page on Amazon with suggestions for everything she needed for prom. Without that page, they both said they would have forgotten a handbag. Another cool page they showed me was Amazon’s Teen Shop, which is a page curated for teens featuring the latest trends and items from Amazon. It’s also a great resource for parents. Hello holidays and birthdays… we have a new tool to make sure our gifts are the best!

It ended up being a huge blessing that the girls handled it all.

I mean, it gave them the independence and confidence to get it all done + they had so much fun! Equally awesome was that I had it in my mind that she needed a short dress for prom when prom dresses are long. Had I been involved I would have totally led them astray!

It was the best thing ever seeing Ash get ready too!

This was a trial run, which is another great idea that came from Maddie. That way you know for sure you have everything you could possibly need, everything fits perfectly, you have the right color lip gloss and that your shoes are comfy for a long evening of fun!

This dress is just so perfect! They ended up buying three dresses for the price of just one we had seen a while back that she liked. Three dresses! She plans to bring them with us on our next cruise or fancy dinner out. The color was exactly what she wanted too. You guys, I just can’t believe that she is old enough to be going to prom. I mean she looks so mature too. So bittersweet.

We all said this was better than we could have imagined.

Nobody had to leave the house and we got everything Ash needed. Shopping took just minutes, but the memories of the fun they had doing it will last forever!

Heather Reese
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  • Love the dress! So pretty and how handy to do this! It’s been so long since prom!

  • Amazon has everything now! I love that they include suggested items like the handbags so that you can get everything you need for prom in the same place. It’s amazing to me how far the internet has come . . . I only went to prom 8 years ago and I still had to order my dress from a catalogue! haha

  • My daughter is a junior in high school so next year wil be the big prom so we have to get set up with Amazon. It has the best of both worlds, kids can choose and we have final control.

  • That dress is absolute perfection… and can we talk about that colour?! What a beautiful choice for your daughter. And I love how prom shopping can now be done at the comfort of our homes.

  • That is a nice dress she picked out. I can see this as a real convenience, when many moms and dads are out shopping on the local economy for dresses. This puts the ease of shopping back in your hands.

  • I was sooo stressed driving my daughter to every shop that stocked prom dresses last year. I would have loved to have let her just do all of her own shopping on Amazon. I am definitely going to let my next daughter take that route when her prom time pops up. Your daughter looks stunning in her prom attire!

  • What a beautiful dress and happy prom. Amazon is such an amazing source! I love all of your pics!

  • I love Amazon! My daughter has a long way to go before prom but I would’ve never thought to shop on Amazon for prom. That’s such a great idea! Your daughter looks so beautiful. I hope she enjoys herself!

  • Amazon Teen is really awesome and a great way for the kids to get what the need without spending too much as well. I love that you can set a budget and that they need your approval. I love her dress!

  • Amazon is surpassing themselves in what they are able to do. I love the concept of Amazon Teen, and especially that parents still have control. Your daughter looks amazing in her prom dress–the color is so pretty on her.

  • This is great. I love that Amazon has so many amazing ways to help us in our busy life 🙂 That is a beautiful dress, I love the color so much!

  • This is an awesome idea. Giving your teens the independence to shop for things they need, but still requiring your approval. Neat. Your daughter looks so pretty in that dress. It fits her well. That was a good pick.

  • I never knew Amazon had connected accounts like that. Have to look into that more – could come in very handy!

  • We love Amazon. & I let my teen use my account too. But, didn’t realize their are connected accounts. Luckily for me she doesn’t buy without me knowing. Great feature I will have to check into to. Your daughter looks lovely, and such a pretty dress. I can’t wait to share my daughter’s prom. I’m excited for her.

  • Oh Amazon, where were you 16 yrs ago?! It is pretty amazing how far “shopping” has come. I have a few more years before prom hits, but I wonder if you can rent tux’s through Amazon? (I have all boys, so I miss out on dress shopping: -( )

  • Quite amazing Heather! Heck; even as a dude, I recall how much time I spent shopping for prom. I recall my date doing so much research, dress shopping….the legwork was immense. We live in a day and age now when prom can be less stressful and time consuming. All starts with good old Amazon 😉


  • Great minds! This is also how I asked my son to get ready for his prom. It’s stress free plus no one needed to leave the house! I really appreciate this app and I can’t imagine life without it now.

  • I love this idea, as I do all my shopping online anyway. But I just don’t have enough trust that my son wouldn’t spend all MY money on gum and cheap watches. I prefer giving him allowance/ gifts in the form of amazon gift cards which he uses on his own amazon account (no prime) so he has to develop patience too, lol.

  • Wow, I didn’t know they have this feature of setting up a limit. We shop a lot on Amazon and always happy with their service. Thanks for sharing these tips, will definitely be using these for my kids’ birthday gifts )

  • I love that your able to set spending limits for your kids on amazon! This seems like such a fun way to allow them to shop without worrying about them breaking the bank!

  • I didn’t know about those amazon features! It’s definitely something I’ll look into more because they sound really helpful

  • I had no idea you could have parental controls on Amazon! Not that it is a problem for childless me, but good to know in the future!
    I am chaperoning my students’ prom this year. Maybe I can shop from home for my dress too 🙂

  • I didn’t know they had these settings on Amazon. This will be very helpful. 😊 Time does go fast and I know it was hard for me to let my one and only little girl go to prom and then in the blink of an eye I was walking her down the aisle.

  • Well, Amazon has everything that you want! It’s so remarkable how we can find every stuff just one place without leaving the house

  • Amazon is truly amazing! I love that we can basically buy anything from just a website. Beautiful dress by the way, you look amazing!
    xo, Sondra

  • I love Amazon. It’s got EVERYTHING. Your daughter looks so beautiful in her prom dress and what a great fit.

  • What a selection of prom dress!!! Beautiful!!! Amazon is my favorite to buy househkld products never tried clothing section. Now Surely check a perfect dress for me!!! 😁

  • She looks beautiful in that prom dress! I love that I can set a spending limit so my daughter can purchase something on Amazon without going crazy.

  • Amazon is amazing! Especially now with all the different features they’ve added like the subscription service and the Amazon Pantry. I had no idea about the Teen Shop, that’s really awesome. Amazon is definitely our go-to shopping solution when we need anything.

  • Oh I love that dress, she looks beautiful! I had no idea this was an option!

  • I love the dress on her – she is glowing and so beautiful!!! Thanks for raising awareness about Amazon and this service. Definitely putting a bookmark on this one 👍🏼

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