How To Make Your Child With Eczema More Comfortable

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Eczema is something I battled as a child. When Ashley was little she also had it and has had little flares of it here and there as she has gotten older. When Emmy was an infant I started to recognize that she was developing the same symptoms and it soon became evident that she too has eczema. Thankfully non of us have had severe cases and I’ve learned some ways to make my kiddos more comfortable when their eczema flares up. Thank you to The Eczema Company for sponsoring this post.

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The best advise I was given was to keep triggers of their eczema at bay. 

But I soon learned that it was easier said than done. We never did figure out what her triggers were, so we we did our best to keep her away from common allergy triggers in general. We are now that family that will walk on the opposite side of a road (if we can) to avoid someone who is smoking. Since she also has asthma we know that being exposed to smoke can cause her to have issues so that was one of the first things we became extra careful about. 

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We also are careful about how they shower. 

We make sure the water is more on the level of warm than hot, limit the time their skin is exposed to water and we dry them off as quick as we can, especially in winter. Coincidentally, swimming in pools does wonders to help their eczema… go figure! I’ve heard that from a lot of other parents too. When Ashley had a particularly bad outbreak I even considered staying at a hotel just to use their pool for a week and when we bought our current home I was so excited that we had room to build our own pool. That was one off the first big investments we made here.  


Empower your child even at a young age to take their health into their own hands.

I remember one time when Ashley came home bleeding and all scratched up after sitting in the sun at school. She was maybe 3 or 4 at the time. I asked her what happened and she said that the sun was making her eczema really itch and that she couldn’t stop itching it. We had a long talk about how she needed to tell a teacher what was happening and next time asked to be moved out of the sun or to go inside. After that she never had a problem before. I explained everything to her on an age appropriate level and I gave her words to use so that people would understand what she needed and be able to help her.

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Find the right products for your child.

This was a trial and error for us. What worked for one of my kids didn’t work for the other and we tried a lot of things will we found what brought each of my daughters the best products for their skin. The internet has really helped with this because there are so many groups for us parents to all talk about how to make our kids feel their best. There is also a place to buy everything you need eczema wise called The Eczema Company. We just started using the Manuka Honey Skin Cream and we love it. Emmy had a little spot of eczema pop up after a long time of being clear, and it really soothed the whole area. I’m so excited to have this new product in our “care kit” for the future.

The Eczema Company also just released The Eczema Song! How cute is this song?

They co-created The Eczema Song with singer/songwriter, Kyle Dine, in an effort to bring some fun relief to the daily stress of eczema. Eczema Awareness Month (October in the USA & November in Canada) is shedding a spotlight on the more than 10-20% of kids in North America who suffer from eczema. It’s a heavy burden for little ones to bear; the stares from other kids or parents, the relentless itch and the struggle with mittens, wraps, and creams. The Eczema Song is dedicated to all the strong, amazing children who have eczema but won’t be defined by it.

About The Eczema Company

This online store features natural skin care, protective clothing and alternative laundry products to provide the best natural eczema treatments for children and adults. Connect with Jennifer and the global family community of eczema suffers to find a solution that’s right for you at The EczemaCompany.

How To Make Your Child With Eczema More Comfortable

Do you have a little one with eczema? 

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  • My daughter has eczema on her legs and arms. Thankfully she isn’t bothered by it yet but it will come soon enough I am sure. We’ll have to try this stuff out!

  • My brother has eczema – he’s the only one in my family to have the problem. It’s great that you have found natural products to help your children.

  • I am So happy you found something to soothe your daughter’s eczema! Seriously I struggle with Psoriasis and it is NO FUN! I actually found something finally that has more or less cured my psoriasis! Also organic! Love it when we find that perfect solution!

    • Yay! That’s awesome! Finding something that works for your particular skin condition is a big deal. It can be really hard to find the exact right product. That’s why we offer different natural eczema and psoriasis products for adults and children to try to see what works best for them. Please email me. I’d love to hear what you found to work so well for you!

  • Kids are too prone to eczema. Normally, they will outgrow it. Good for you for doing the best you can to make sure your girls are okay.

  • This sounds like it might be great for my mom. I like the possibility that this could ease this some.

  • Eczema is rough and for kids with severe food allergies it can even be worse. We have been working on combating it as much as we can. Thank you for this information

    • Hi Dana – Ugh, food allergies are tough! My son battles severe allergies (anaphylactic to dairy) and asthma in addition to minor eczema that was once very severe. There is nothing easy about any of these things. So hard for the kids with all the pressure around food at birthday parties, school, etc. That’s why we try to give our son a sense of control over these conditions, but it’s never easy.

  • Great post! I agree kids should be taught to take their medical issues into their own hands.

    • YES! Our son has food allergies and asthma as well as eczema and we feel it’s very important to give him a sense of control over his conditions. It’s very empowering!

  • I’ve suffered from mild eczema since I was a child and I find that anything with chemicals in it only seems to make it worse! I try to apply things that are as natural and hydrating as possible 🙂

  • Okay I have to admit I love this Eczema song with the video it is so cute. I will have to try this myself too maybe and share it with my sister for her son. Thanks for sharing the information and video.

    • Hi Rebecca – I’m so glad you liked the song! We’re so happy with the way it came out and we’re thrilled to be able to support all the amazing children with eczema.

  • I have to try this product! I don’t have a lot of eczema but when I do oh boy, it’s the worst!
    Thank you for letting us know about this!

  • excellent article 🙂 and i’m definitely checking out those products! my 3 year old daughter has had eczema since she was 4 months old. everything from seasonal allergies to dairy causes her skin to flare up. do you/have you used a steroid cream for particularly bad flare ups?

    • Hi Shannon, When my daughter was younger we did use one. It has really improved as she has gotten older and she rarely has any flare ups and when she does they are small.

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