How To Make A Vacation Keepsake That Tells Your Travel Story

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How To Make A Vacation Keepsake That Tells Your Travel Story is a sponsored post partnership with the Xyron Creative Station.

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Our travel adventures will be taking us even farther from home this year, and each place we visit teaches us something we didn't know before and we always want to bring something home to remind us of the memories we made and the lessons we learned.

To save space we don't buy traditional souvenirs, instead we buy a magnet to display in our kitchen.  This worked really well until we started going to the same place more than once.


We will be visiting Turks & Caicos again in October so I've been trying to think of the a way to remember each of our visits, and I finally came up with the perfect solution… a laminated magnet picture of us to add next to the magnet for each subsequent trips.

best souvenirs

This is how our travel memory area looks right now… 

A new magnet for each stop we've made over the past year. It's about to get pretty crowded! When I decided to add the homemade picture magnets I was a little worried about actually making them since I'm not the most crafty person. I love to do crafts, but they just don't come natural to me so I needed a tool that can EASILY help me with this new project.

The new Xyron® 9 inch Creative Station did just that! It makes it really easy to add adhesive, laminate and magnetic backing to any flat items. With a patented application process which requires no heat or electricity and gives off no odor, you can quickly and safely use the Creative Station in any environment.

Here is how I made our picture memory magnet.


The 9“ Creative Station™ comes ready to work.

There wasn't any assembly required. We put the lamination cartridge in and it came our the other side just like this.


After I trimmed it down we then added the magnet cartridge in and rolled it through.

20150714_194745 20150714_194750

I trimmed off the excess and then it was done! So easy!

I could have skipped the first lamination part… but I wanted the extra protection because it will be in the kitchen. The magnet backing also has a thin laminate topping too. 

20150714_194923 20150714_194926

And here is the finished photo memory.

I plan to add pictures each time we visit to the magnet. That should save some space and allow us to remember the memories from each year… and see how much the girls have grown!


The new Xyron® 9in Creative Station™ ($89.99 MSRP) was redesigned from the ground up to combine the functionality of the 9in and 5in Creative Station cartridges in one tool that takes up even less space than the original. Makers turn to the Creative Station time and time again, when the finished project needs to turn out as perfect as it does in their imagination.

You can find the Xyron Creative Station at Jo-Ann’s, Michael’s and other DIY retailers or online at Amazon and direct from

Are you a crafter?


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  1. I have photo magnet’s on my fridge that I ordered online from a company where I sent my photos to. I like this idea a lot more because I can have my own photo magnet maker and have no fear that they will send my photos to another person by mistake not that the company I ordered from but I used to work in a photo lab where the outsource company did that kind of mistake often. I have a Hp printer and all of the ink to my hearts content I would love to add a photo magnet to the back of the millions of photos I print.
    I am adding this to my amazon wishlist. Maybe hubby will see it and get it for me for Christmas.

  2. Oh I LOVE this! I have a laminating machine, but it would be so cool and helpful if I could make magnets! (I order enough photo magnets as it is!)

  3. What a great idea. I love all the different machines out there that make displaying memories easier. You made that look so easy.

  4. Wonderful idea! I would want to have a Creative Station for myself. I can make personalized gifts with it. Heading over to Amazon now.

  5. I love the idea of having this collection of memories all together and those magnets are just the cutest. This would be perfect as a gift for family and friends as well.

  6. Awe what a great idea to display vacation memories! And that machine makes it look so easy, I’m going to have to check it out!

  7. This is such a great idea to express your travel story right away. The new Xyron 9in Creative Station looks really compact & looks so easy to use as well. I would love to have one such!

  8. I am loving that magnetic picture frame. That is a really great craft idea for kids, or adults that aren’t so great with crafts like myself. That Xyron Creative Station looks awesome! What a simple way to add adhesive, laminate, and make magnets!

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