How To Make A Super Easy Fruit Plate – It's a Lovely Life!

How To Make A Super Easy Fruit Plate

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This is a sponsored post partnership with Walmart to share about their Marketside Organic produce line.


When we travel I try to still keep the girls favorite snacks on hand for them to eat.

One of their favorites is a fruit plate. It tastes delicious, which is obviously important to us all… but it's also really easy and easy to take with us! This past weekend we stayed at a vacation rental along the central coast of California. Once we were all settled in we made a quick stop at Walmart for some snack food including some fruits to make a fruit plate!

walmart organics

Walmart's Marketside organic produce has a new “fresher” look.  

They rebranded their line to make it easier for us to identify their organic products. The packaging will now be marked with a purple organic label and the USDA Organic seal. One of the reasons I shop at Walmart is that I can do one stop shopping for everything I need… and do it quickly! This will totally help get me in and out the door and back to doing fun things with my family. It's also going to be very helpful when I go shopping with the girls. The older two help pick out food at the store and this is a great visual help for them to know which produce to buy.

easy fruit plate

Marketside organic produce will feature 50 popular items, in 2,300 stores.

The organic produce is in a separate section within the produce area too. The items i'm most excited about are the avocados, apples, packaged salads, carrots, broccoli, onions, kale, rainbow chard, juice, grapes, potatoes, strawberries and more!

Walmart always strives to have the lowest prices.  Their Marketside organics will be no exception.

new walmart organics

This is the easiest fruit plate you will ever make!

When I make our fruit plate I always think of the following things:

  • Add different color fruits.
  • Add different types or all the same. Have one citrus, one grape, one strawberry. Or do all citrus and have 10 different ones.
  • Make it ready to eat. Peel citrus and have it all washed. 
  • Have different sizes to make it visually appealing. Small grapes look great next to big strawberries.
  • Put it on a pretty plate and table… but still let the fruit be the prettiest thing!
  • Buy seasonally. The best tasting fruits are the ones in season.

easy organic fruit plate

For this plate I chose organic strawberries, oranges, grapes and apples. We ate the apples on the way home from the store though… they were so juicy and sweet!

What is your favorite fruit?

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  1. My boys love cut up fruit! I can’t keep it long enough before they devour it! How great I can get organic at Walmart.

  2. Very smart – and I did not know that Walmart had so much organic going on – but…I do go to Sam’s Club (owned by Walmart) and have noticed so much more organic choices – I love it!

  3. My son would be all over that! All the fruit he absolutely loves! Sometimes it seems you get some lovely fruit from Walmart. I guess it depends on which one you go to. Lovely pics by the way!

  4. I love fruit. I tell my husband all the time that I am a vegan at heart. I could eat nothing but fruits and vegetables and be totally content with it. I love the pops of color and vibrancy the fresh fruit has.

  5. A fruit plate is an excellent snack and dessert idea! We just had a fruit plate the other night with strawberries, bananas, and pineapple with homemade whipped cream. OK, the whipped cream may not have been the healthiest option, but it sure was delicious!

  6. Fruit is always my go-to when I feel like something sweet – I love it. And I love to make plates like this when I entertain.

  7. The fruit plate looks absolutely delicious. My girls love the strawberries the most. Infact snacking of fruits is a great healthy idea for kids. Thanks for sharing.

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