How To Make A Spooky LEGO® Bricks Pumpkin

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Spooky Bricks

Cadan is here with another awesome LEGO® project!

Creating Spooky Bricks with your kids is a great way to spend time together this Halloween!

There are so many possible fun creations. I have three super fun Spooky Brick tutorials for you and your Master Builder to create and build! Check out the Spooky Bat and Spooky Mummy for simple beginner builds. The Spooky Pumpkin is a bit more challenging, but totally fun!

The Pumpkin

As mentioned this one is a bit more challenging. Perfect challenge for your more advanced “Lego Master.” 


Each step is worked out in the phototorial below. 

I opted for the pictures since its seems to me easier to visually follow then something like, “…put the orange 2×2 on top of the other orange 2×2…”  You get the picture. 

Shall We….

Gather – The best way to begin these creations is to review the “individual pieces pictures” first, and pull together those particular colors/shapes.  You or your builder may find another brick that fits even better!  Then follow each step in the phototorial, until you have completed your own custom decoration!  

And that’s it.  You can now display these in any way you like.  Or just group all your Spooky Bricks creations all together for a fun and festive mantle decoration.

cadan bio

What is decorating your mantle right now? 

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