How To Make A Holiday Time Birthday Extra Special

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My youngest daughters birthday is right after the holidays. As you can imagine, most people are all celebrated out by this point… but not me! I like to make her holiday time birthday extra special…

You see, when she was born and joined our family we had only one months notice.

No, I wasn’t one of those people that didn’t know she was pregnant… on the contrary, I had been waiting for her for 6 very long years.

One day in early December, I decided I was done trying to have a baby the traditional way. It wasn’t about being pregnant. It was about welcoming a new member of our family. I decided we should adopt. Adoption had always been in our heart… it was something we were going to do. I talked to my husband that same day and he was on board.

Later that day I called an adoption attorney that came highly recommended. He said he would send us more information. A week later we still had nothing.

I called him again and explained we had waited long enough. We wanted to be parents again. His words changed my life forever. “How soon do you want a new baby, because I just spoke to a birth mom who is due within the next month… and I think you all would be a perfect match!”.

I know it doesn’t normally happen this way. I know I am lucky. I also know that this little girl was meant to be mine, and me hers.

Celebrating her birthday, even during the holidays when everyone is busy and partied out is more than just a birthday party. It’s about a family being created. It’s about love and we want her to always know how special she is by making her birthday just as special!

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In our family, we open the cards first and use them to decorate the mantle for days to come. We call it a birthday extravaganza week! She is big into Princesses and Dora so the choice was a bit tough to make especially since there were a bunch that had those characters.


I couldn’t pick just one, so I chose 3! This one plays one of her favorite songs from BRAVE!

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When I saw this one I knew I had to get it. This is a card decoration and something that she can wear on her special day and keep forever to remember this birthday.

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This is more of a classic card and I know she will be so excited to receive it. There are sparkles and glitter on the front. That is like gold to a preschooler!

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Here Are Some Tips To Make A Holiday Time Birthday Extra Special

Tip #1- Buy a special card that you know will make the birthday person smile! For my little one I knew she would love anything with a Disney Princess, but you can take it even farther by gifting a card with a little something extra… a pin or one that plays music is always a hit!

Tips #2- Incorporate the holidays into your celebration. Instead of fighting it, bring the holidays into the party. Is everyone already getting together for a holiday party? Add on a birthday celebration to let the birthday person know you are thinking of them too!

Tip #3- Buy an extra gift just to celebrate their birthday. So often people try to combine the two when giving gifts… but having two separate gifts will make the birthday person know you care.

Tip #4- Celebrate a little early or a little late and on their birthday. Be sure to acknowledge and celebrate on the birthday persons actual birthday… but the big celebration can be before or after the real birthday… especially if the birthday falls on a holiday.

Do you have a holiday birthday in your family? How do you make it extra special?

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  • Thank you for sharing your story Heather! I had my last baby last year and after a rough pregnancy, delivery and my age – decided we were done but I still have baby fever and would love to adopt!

    • Hi Xenia! If it’s in your heart I say go for it and get more info on it! I honestly can’t even tell you how awesome it’s been for our family <3

  • I loved reading your post! It sounds like it was an extra special surprise to adopt your daughter around the holidays. I also loved the tips you gave for making holiday birthdays extra special. Thanks for sharing.


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