How To Keep Your Teen’s Skin Clear and Happy

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I’ve partnered with the HEALTHY ESSENTIALS® Program from Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. to share how we keep teen acne under control.


Having teens at home is really fun.

I remember when they were little, thinking about what it would be like when they were teens. I was a little worried because I had heard that the teen years are the toughest when you have daughters. It has turned out to be completely the opposite. Chasing after them when they were younger was much tougher. They are a joy to have around, and I love being the mom to teen girls.


That is not to say that it doesn’t come with some challenges. They are much closer to adulthood than childhood so parenting has changed. I’m now thinking about raising the next generation of adults and all that it entails. Along the way, I’ve noticed that I worry more about their happiness and not just the adult tasks they will be undertaking as they age. This includes finding their own joy and just as importantly feeling comfortable in their own skin.

I want them to wake up each morning with joy in their hearts for the new day and the self-confidence to accomplish any and everything they have their minds set to do!


I know that this kind of positivity comes from within, but I also know that there are things that I can do to help them feel their best on the outside too. I encourage them to eat healthy foods and to make healthy choices each day, and I also help them navigate through developing their own personal habits to look their best. They both take great pride in their definition of style, and I love it. Ash loves the fitness lifestyle look for her clothing and a carefree take on makeup and her hair so that she is always ready for another workout. While Maddie is our fashionista who loves discovering new makeup. She even suggests new colors and shades for me!

One thing we all take very seriously is skincare. With Maddie’s love of makeup and Ash’s constant workouts, proper care of their skin is essential to keep it looking good and keeping acne at bay.


Our constant travels can also be hard on sensitive teen skin.

Long flights and bouncing between different climates can be tough on skin, so we make sure to take extra care of their skin, no matter where we are. We are also always on top of the latest products that help keep their skin looking healthy and clear. A great resource for us has been the HEALTHY ESSENTIALS® Program, from Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc., where we can find real-time insights and answers – personalized just for us – to help us care for ourselves and our family, and save some money, too. Now, it’s easier to prepare for the everyday and the unexpected with real solutions for real life. We enjoy information, expert advice, and money-savings coupons via

The number one thing we have done to help keep our teens’ skin clear was to develop some habits that make skincare easy. Because the girls have very different skin types, I have tailored these tips to each of them and their different lifestyles.

Ash is always on the go and doesn’t wear much makeup, so for her, it is important that she washes her face with a cleanser she loves as soon as she is done working out, before bed, and first thing in the morning. Her go-to face cleanser is the new Clean & Clear® Acne Triple Clear™ Bubble Foam Cleanser. I help them pick out skin products, but I have learned that the best way to motivate them to use skincare products is to let them decide which ones they really like. Thankfully CLEAN & CLEAR® has a whole collection of products for different needs and skin types, so Ash was able to choose the one she liked the most.


Maddie’s skincare needs are very simple. She wears makeup and is really good about taking it off as soon as she can. She loves the artistic aspect of makeup, and she is really good with applying it and just as good at keeping her face clean before and after wearing it. Her skin is more prone to acne so her skincare routine includes a good, sensitive face cleanser and a NEUTROGENA® Light Therapy Acne Mask and NEUTROGENA® Light Therapy Acne Mask Activator (here is a coupon to save on these products).  I am so happy that the light therapy technology is available because it is clinically proven and brings technology dermatologists use to my home.  The mask harnesses the power of light to treat mild to moderate acne; for healthier, clearer skin, she uses it every day! It is also 100% UV and chemical free and approved by the FDA. Light therapy works by using blue light to kill acne causing bacteria and red light to reduce inflammation.

Along with these habits and tips to keep their skin clean and acne controlled, we also talk about how they feel their skin is doing and if we need to make any changes. We keep this same system when we are at home and on the road, but I know that the changing climate can affect their skin along with a list of other things.  I want them to know that they can come and talk to me about anything, including their skin issues and we will work together as a team to find the best solutions.

How do you help your teen keep their acne under control?

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  • I have a fourteen-year-old son who could use this. His face breaks out sometimes and I know he gets embarrassed by it. You’re right though, having a teen is fun. I like that mine still wants to talk to me.

  • These are great suggestions, particularly the light mask. My oldest daughter just turned 13 this week, and she’s been struggling with acne for about a year or so already. She’s getting better about maintaining her skincare routine now that she understands the correlation between lack of skincare and presence of acne, and her face is just about cleared up for now. I’m thinking of getting her one of those light masks though, for the next breakout cycle.

  • I have 3 teenagers and while the boy really is not interested in anything other than deodorant the two girls put me to shame with their knowledge f skin care and products

  • This is such a great post! I struggled with my skin all throughout high school until my mom took me to a dermatologist and he told me I had eczema. It’s great that you’re taking such an active role in your daughters’ personal care.

  • I have never heard of these products before. I am going to buy it the next time I am at the store. My girls are 11 and 13 and they are starting to get acne on their face.

  • Healthy skin can go a long way towards making someone look good. I am sure with your daughters’ constant makeup and workouts that it’s no easy task to keep their skin healthy.

  • My husbands 13 year old niece would really love this product. So lucky I never had a problem with my skin younger but it’s really hard for teenagers do who.
    Katja xxx

  • It’s really important to have a good skin care regimen especially if you’re a teen. I think as moms it’s our job to introduce them to proper skin care. This sounds like a good gadget to have for teens!

  • We are going through this with our 25 year old. Great information. We will be changing up our plan

  • Don’t have children, but remember being a teen myself. Although I didn’t deal with acne those days, I had to deal with breakouts as an adult. Proper nutrition is really vital to good skin as well. Nice post and great that you are enjoying raising teen girls! Beautiful family!

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