How To Host The Best Cookie Exchange

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hoe to host the best cookie exchange

One of our favorite holiday traditions are cookie exchanges.

Family ones and kid ones… they are both awesome and a great way to celebrate the holiday season with friends and family. I can't believe how nervous I was before I went to my first one. I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do or what would happen. Now that I've been hosting and attending them for years I have some really awesome tips how to host the best cookie exchange!  trumoo

Tip #1 Don't stress out.

Seriously! They are so fun so no stressing allowed. This goes for if you are hosting or attending. If you are running low on time it's even okay to bring cookies you bought at the bakery, not just homemade ones.  how to host a cookie exchange

Tip #2 Get the kids involved.

Let them pick the cookies and help decorate. Emmy also helps pick out our to-go boxes each year. When we are hosting a kids cookie exchange we normally purchase plain white boxes and then have the kids decorate them with Christmas and winter stickers. cookie exchange tips

Tip #3 Make sure there are enough cookies.

I always have everyone bring 2 cookies per person that is invited. That always leaves some for snacking and one for everyone to take home.  moo

Tip #4 Have name tags available for both the cookies and your guests!

I've made some amazing friends at cookie exchanges and I've met some awesome new to me cookies too! Being able to know both of their names is a good thing for the future! holiday cookie party

Tip #5 Have a signature drink.

For us it's always Chocolate TruMoo! We serve it both cold and hot! I pour it into the crock pot and turn it on low for instant hot chocolate! Then I put together a little hot chocolate bar with homemade whipped cream, marshmallows and sprinkles!  trumoo cookie exchange

Tip #6 Wear Pajamas

Maybe not the most classical cookie exchange outfits… but invite your guests to dress comfy! Pajamas are a perfect option… and they go perfectly with warm mugs of TruMoo hot chocolate! ciikies Did you know that TruMoo is just as delicious hot as it is cold, and that it is made with real milk and just the right amount of chocolate? We love to •“Try It Hot”… especially at cookie exchanges and as a great way to get warm and cozy as the temperature outside drops.• We also have found TruMoo to be a great addition to indoor family time.• We all drink it while watching movies on family movie night. I gather our softest blankets and fluffiest pillows… and we all put on our favorite pajamas before we gather together on the downstairs couch to watch a favorite movie and enjoy some TruMoo!try it hot Be sure to pick up some TruMoo for your next cookie exchange… it's available nationwide. You can find more recipe inspiration to Try it Hot with TruMoo on Pinterest and don't forget to follow TruMoo on Facebook for more fun ideas!

Do you love cookie exchanges too?

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  1. Oh ya’ve gotta have milk! This is such an adorable post- we are amidst several cookie swaps here too! I think I’m going to try Chocolate TruMoo hot for our next one!

  2. What a wonderful idea. I often spend way too much time baking then realize that I only baked one type of cookie. I love the idea of a cookie exchange 🙂

  3. I have never hosted a cookie exchange but I have been to a couple I totally agree… always need milk to go with cookies, for sure!

  4. I’ve never done a cookie exchange, but would love to. I’ll have to gather some of my friends and get them involved. I bake cookies ALL the time so it’s definitely something that would be fun.

  5. Your cookies look so festive and bet they’re delish! Honestly, I’ve never experienced a cookie exchange. It is something that we don’t have in our home country, but it sounds fun.

  6. I was invited to a cookie exchange next weekend, and asked to bring 6 dozen cookies. What?!?! I do not want to come home with 6 dozen so I’m hoping they go to a charitable organization or something after the party is done.

  7. Hot chocolate bar! Such a cute idea. Ive never been to cookie exchange. I bet I’d leave pretty full. Lol. I love making cookies though around Christmas. Some to eat and some to share.

  8. Your girls are very beautiful, and those cookies look delicious! I am definitely in the Christmas spirit now more than ever! Thank you for sharing!

  9. Ooh I love cookie exchanges! I’ve never done one where the kids were actually involved other than just playing by themselves somewhere while the moms exchanged cookies, but I love this idea! !

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