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How To Host A Frozen Sing Along Pajama Party

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Not a day goes by without someone singing a Frozen song in my house. We love Frozen and I’m so happy to be sharing this sponsored post.

frozen sing along party

We are so excited about the all new Frozen sing-along version!

When I heard about this all new way to experience Frozen I knew another one of our family movie nights was in order! We get home from school, do homework, have a quick dinner… throw on our pajamas and then it’s party time!

To make our movie nights special I get some treats and lots of comfy pillows and blankets.

Popcorn, snow topped cupcakes {white sprinkles}, and FROZEN hot chocolate were on our goodies list! The hot chocolate was traditional hot chocolate with vanilla marshmallows but the cup it was served in was really cool. Since the holidays are upon us I was able to find snowflake window clings. I added a snowflake cling to my white mugs to make them Frozen themed!

new frozen movie

We have and love the original Frozen DVD.

But this edition is all new and includes sing-alongs for all the songs in the whole movie! It’s Available on DVD and Digital November 18th and I’m already planning on picking up a couple more copies because it makes the perfect holiday gift! This is a sing-along musical event for the whole family!

The teen, tween and 4 year all had so much fun!

The key to our family movie night parties is to keep it simple. The most important part is picking a great movie to watch and some easy to make treats. By focusing on just a few fun treats we can just enjoy being together as a family. The other thing I always do is go all out on the decorations. I like to transform our family room!

frozen sing along

I happened to have found a forgotten microphone and The Little One was so excited to use it!

She also loved being able to read the words as she saw them on the TV. She’s getting to be a pretty strong reader and this was actually a really good way for her to practice. The rest of us thought it was really fun to see the exact words since there were a couple parts we were guessing on the words.

Here is a sneak peek at the new sing-along version.

frozen party food

I wish every night was like this one!

frozen sing along party ideas

What is your favorite way to make movie nights special?

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  1. This is absolutely FUN all the way! Love the movie & I think I am going to watch the Frozen movie some time sooner & my kids are going to be super excited.

  2. Frozen has been such a big hit. I really love the music in the movie. A Frozen sing along party would be so much fun for little ones. I will have to tell my friend about this great idea.

  3. My family was never super huge into movies, but we had a couple of really awesome game nights. I wasn’t part of a very big family though, and we didn’t do things like this very often. On the rare occasions we watched movies though, my parents often picked a movie and if it was one me and my stepbrother couldn’t watch, they’d kick us out. We’d usually just go play video games or something. I plan to do a lot more interacting with my son, and get him involved with stuff. That’s really awesome that this sing along worked well for your whole family.

  4. This looks like so much fun! I know my kids would love to do this too, especially since they’re always singing songs from Frozen anyways.

  5. What a fun gathering and perfect for the fall season too. Your pictures are beautiful and your daughter looks very pleased.

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