How To Help Your Teens Skin Be Prom Ready

I’ve partnered with the HEALTHY ESSENTIALS® Program from Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. to share how we keep teen acne under control.


I remember when I was in high school and the excitement of prom time. It started long before the dance was even on the horizon. We all wanted to look our best and it was so fun preparing for the big day. We would go to dress stores and look in magazines for the latest styles for what we would wear, and how we wanted our hair, makeup, and nails to look. It was such a fun time!

Now that my oldest is a senior, it is even more fun seeing her experience prom time. I know how important this time of year is for teens, so I started helping her prepare to look and feel her best by making sure she had a good skin care regimen in place. I want her to have a carefree time without the worry of acne breakouts. I just want her to have fun!

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We keep her acne breakouts under control by creating morning and nighttime rituals to keep her skin healthy and glowing every day, especially as we gear up for the big night! I know that keeping her skin looking great really builds her self-confidence too, so these steps she takes in the morning and night are very important for her all around health and well being.

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One of the most important aspects of achieving prom ready skin is having the right tools available for teens to clean and moisturize their skin each day. Maddie's favorite skin care products are CLEAN & CLEAR® MORNING BURST® Facial Cleanser and CLEAN & CLEAR® MORNING BURST® Hydrating Gel Moisturizer. She loves how clean and healthy her skin feels when she uses them and she adores the citrus scent.

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I am sharing the rest of my tips for Prom ready skin for teens, including the morning and nighttime skin care rituals we love over at The rituals are both fun and they start the day off right, and help end it on a high note too.  Hop on over and read more!

Is your teen excited for Prom too?

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  • These both look like great products. I don’t have a teen, but when my son was that age he skipped prom to go to a concert.

  • I’ll have to give these Clean & Clear products a look. My oldest is getting into the age where we’re starting to see some break outs, and I want to nip that business in the bud ASAP.

  • Clean and Clear has awesome products for everyone! Her dress is so pretty, love this! Perfect for teens!

  • I used Clean & Clear products when I was teen, so it’s great to know they are still around. We are not at the prom stage of parenting yet, but both of my daughters have become more conscious about their skin lately.

  • My daughter had success with Clean & Clear but I don’t know if she had these specific products. They look like good ones to keep in the routine!

  • What a great way to help teens be prom ready, I love the idea of using products to keep the face clean, teen acne and oily skin can be hard.

  • Clean and Clear has been around for some time now and there is a reason. It works. My son used it when he was a teenage with his acne. Your daughter is so beautiful!!

  • My daughter started getting ready for prom night since the first day of her senior year in high school. I know part of her regimen was to keep her skin clean and moisturized. Sunscreen was a daily ritual too. Clean and clear was her choice of skincare products and she still uses them to this day, now that she’s a mother too.

  • It’s really important that we teach our kids about proper skin care especially before the prom! I think these are great products, mild enough for their skin but powerful enough to keep the blemishes and pimples away!

  • My daughter (and my sons) use Clean and Clear facial foaming wash. It keeps their facial skin clean, therefore avoiding breakouts! Oh and BTW, your daughter is really pretty!

  • I swear by Clean and Clear! I have used it since I was a teen, and even now at almost 30 I still experience breakouts. However, Clean and Clear helps keep breakouts at bay and helps treat those pesky pimples that do pop up on occasion. Clear skin is a huge part of having confidence especially as a teen. Clean and Clear has so many great products to help get that confidence.

  • Clean and Clear is a teenager staple! I used it all through my teen years and it definitely kept my skin looking good.

  • I can remember my eldest being so excited about prom! I have three more who are going through the pressure of looking good for the big night. It’s good to have a routine ready for them!

  • This is great to know! Prom is a ways away for my teen but helping his skin get where it needs to be will be awesome to start now!

  • Johnson Johnson was a drugstore staple brand when I was a teenager. I really like their products. I haven’t tried the Clean & Clear facial cleanser before but I think my daughter would like it.

  • This article is great for teens. Their skin is going through some stuff at this point in their life, but this stuff here can go a long way for them. Great job!

  • Prom is so exciting for a teen girl. I am so happy you’re having a good time getting her ready for it. I love that the moisturizer is an oil free gel, that is great for anyone with acne.

  • Mom of a 14 year old right here, and Clean and Clear does the trick! Love how affordable and easily obtainable the products are is too.

  • We have some clean and clear here for my teen. I am not sure how often she uses it but pretty sure once she sees a blemish or pimple, she starts using it to keep her face clean again. Your daughter is beautiful, I love that red dress!

  • These are great tips. I am going to have to check it out and purchase for my step daughter. She has perfect skin, but I want to help her keep it that way!

  • Clean and clear products are definitely the best. My family use them all the time and I can say that it really works wonders.

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