How To Get Your Tween Ready For Back To School

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There are so many things you have to do to get ready for back to school time. Thankfully, TracFone is making one part of this super easy with their new LG Sunrise Android™ Smartphone TMNT Bundle. This is a sponsored post partnership with TracFone.

tracfone tween

The school year just got cooler! TracFone has partnered with Nickelodeon to launch its first ever Back to School Limited Edition Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle LG Sunrise™ Android™ smartphone bundle.

There is clothes shopping, school supply shopping and then the very important cell phone shopping when you are getting your tween ready for school. Shopping for a cell phone for your teen or tween takes a bit of extra effort, or at least it used to before TracFone offered the LG Sunrise Android™ Smartphone TMNT Bundle.

This bundle will thrill kids and parents!

teenage mutant ninja turtles phone

The bundle offers parents the peace of mind they need with one free year of the NQ Family Guardian App (valued at $34.99), and the fun features kids want with exclusive access to a TMNT episode, app and game and a Limited Edition Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Phone Case.

It’s also available for a limited time for only $29.99 at participating Walmart and Target stores. Pretty cool right?

phone for tweens

The girls love the phone.

The case is beyond what you could imagine… it’s adorable! And they are already having fun with the camera and the case!

Plus the exclusive code to download a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles app and episode is really cool. The girls were really excited about that. A first phone is a big deal and making it special, like this one does, helps kids understand the importance of always having their phone with them. It was really easy to set up and for the kids to use <— which is VERY important for first time phone owners.

Take a close look at this case. I can’t believe how awesome they made this!

tracfone teenage mutant ninja turtles

While the girls loved the phone itself and all of its features, I loved the one free year of NQ Family Guardian™… the parental control app for some serious peace of mind.

Here are the awesome features for parents:

  1. Check-In. When your child opens the app and taps the “Check-in” button, you’ll receive a message with their current location.
  2. Monitor. You can choose what to keep track of on your child’s phone: calls, texts, pictures, apps, and browser history.
  3. Schedule. Set what times your child is allowed to use different features of their phone so they can stay focused and engaged.

Contact Filter. Block specific phone numbers from calling or messaging your child to help keep them protected from strangers.

prepaid tween phone

TracFone offers a great value with their 90-Day No-Contract Plans with Talk, Text & Data too.

They start at $19.99, (average cost of $7/month*) and you can switch to a new plan at any time with no penalties—all with no contracts, no overages, no activation fees and no cancellation fees. We bought a couple of the $19.99 service plans when we bought our bundle. I love how convenient it is to buy them. They are available at most national retail stores and online at

Be sure to visit Walmart to purchase your own LG Sunrise Android™ Smartphone TMNT Bundle.

Have you started back to school shopping yet?

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