How to dip dye hair at home and save $60!

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I wanted to share this easy tutorial on how to dip dye hair while we are still in Vegas having a blast…

Before we left my two older girls wanted to do something fun with their hair. I thought since there are about 6 weeks until school starts {plenty of time for it to washout} why not let them add a little color? I’m pretty conservative with their appearance so this was a bit outside my comfort zone, but I’m so glad I went for it. It turned out great!

I got the idea to dip dye the girl’s hair when I was having my own hair done at the salon. Two adorable girls came in and got their hair dip dyed. They both had light blonde hair and the color looked great on them. It was a perfect summer look. I asked my stylist if it would work on my girls that have medium brown hair. She advised against it because she didn’t think it would show very well and it was also $60 each! I think it really came down to her feeling bad charging that much for something that probably wouldn’t really work.

I decided to give it a try myself. The girls were excited and at pennies on the dollar for the salon version I thought it would be fun even if the color doesn’t stick to their hair too much. Let’s get started…




1. Squeeze out the dye and get your paint brush ready.


2. Drape the towel over her back. Now drape the trash bag over the towel and tie it around the front of her neck.


3. Starting from one side to the other, paint on the dye. After you have all the hair coated squish it around to make sure that you got the dye worked all the way into the hair down to the bottom layers.


4. You want to make sure that the top of the dye line is pretty straight across the top. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just as straight as you can.


5. After you have all the dye worked in, fold the bottom of the trash bag over the dyed area. This fold works in two ways. The first is to protect your house from the dye. It also helps the dye soak in more and not dry out.


6. Tie another knot above the first one from when you initially tied on the trash bag. It will look like this photo above. 


7. Now quickly run your hair dryer over the trash bag to heat it up just a little bit. Don’t leave it on for more than a couple seconds. We don’t want the trash bag to melt onto your hair.

8. Follow the directions on your hair dye for how long to leave the dye in your hair. I kept ours in for a bit longer than suggested since I knew their hair is darker. 

9. All that is left is to wash the dye out! Although the name is dip dying, it works so much better painted on!


Are you doing anything fun this summer?

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  • Where did you get the dye at? My 13 year old wants to do this also! Would be a great surprise to have all the stuff when she gets back from camp! Thanks for the tutorial!

    • Terry, I got it at Sally’s. They had 2 different brands. One was $11 and the other was only $5. I bought the cheaper one 😉 I’ve heard they carry this at Walmart too! What a great idea to surprise your 13 year old. That’s how old my oldest daughter is and she loved it! Please let me know how it goes! If you want to send me a picture too I’d love to share it!

      • What’s the brand name?? Did you have to mix it first like regular semi perm hair color?

        • The hair color doesn’t have to be mixed and it’s not smelly like permanent hair color either! I don’t have the brand name to share but there were 2 brands that were just bright colored semi- permanent and either of those will do!

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