Create A Lovely Homecoming For New Moms

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How To Create A Welcoming Homecoming

When we brought home each one of our daughters, life was totally different.

With Maddie, I was a brand new mom who had spent months on bedrest during a high risk pregnancy…in and out of the hospital.  So, I was thrilled to be bringing home my baby girl! It was close to the same with Ashley.  With Emmy, I had more of a normal homecoming, although we only had a month to plan for her at all. Adoption can be strange like that.

One thing that stayed the same for all of them is that homecoming is a really special time for moms, babies, and families.

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After bringing home all of these babies, I now know how to create a welcoming homecoming for both moms and babies, and these are my favorite tips.

  1. The first thing I think of when it comes to bringing home a new baby is low stress, so remember to go with the flow. If you feel tired or hungry or any other feelings, do what feels right. Don’t worry about who is at your home, or who wants to see the baby. If you need a few moments to yourself take them. Everyone will understand.
  2. Plan ahead or have someone else handle the practical things like food. You can stock your freezer with meals, or order in for the first week or so. There are no rules, and this time should be spent settling in with your new family member.
  3. Stock up on the necessities. Buy diapers and wipes and anything else you need so that you don’t have to rush out and buy anything. With Maddie, we got home from the hospital, and I got right back in the car to buy diapers. She was so tiny that we needed special diapers. When Ashley was born she needed preemie diapers too, but I had thought ahead and had a couple packs on hand. I always recommend buying multiple sizes just in case.
  4. Have some good movies and a list of TV shows to binge watch on hand. My mind was so fickle after the girls were born that I was either totally overwhelmed or seriously bored…which is especially trying in the middle of the night. Now I recommend that every new parent have something ready to watch at all times. I also think having a play list of your favorite songs at your fingertips is a good idea. It sets a calming mood when sleep deprived stress pops up and can energize you when you need to get going again!
  5. Along with sounds, I also know scents are an important aspect of creating a welcoming homecoming. With new babies around, you want to have a pleasant scent in the air, but one that is not too strong. A great option is the new Renuzit® Sensitive Scents TM collection, the first line of air fresheners developed to perform without overpowering even sensitive noses in our home. Each product was tested with sensitive noses to confirm they deliver a long-lasting and well balanced air freshener experience without overpowering. They are perfect placed right when you walk in the door to immediately trigger a calming effect or next to the diaper pail. Since they come in three different forms… cone, spray and scented oil, there is a delivery method for everyone and every room. I found the cones to be perfect for small spaces.


They are available in stores now in the following scents… Pure Ocean Breeze TM (my favorite for the common areas of the house), it reminds me of our vacations by the ocean. Pure White Pear & Lavender TM, which we are using in Emmy’s room. She loves the mellow scents of sweet pears and heavenly lavender. Pure Water Blossom & Cucumber TM, which is a refreshing reminder to savor special moments with family.

Do you have any tips to share for creating a welcoming homecoming for new babies and moms?

Heather Reese
the authorHeather Reese
Heather Delaney Reese is the storyteller and photographer behind the lifestyle and family travel blog, It's a Lovely Life®! For the past decade, she has vacationed over 150 days a year with her family. She is a vegan, and loves being by the water, spending time with her children, husband, 2 Shih Tzus and Cat.


  • Keeping it low key is always important for a new mom. Setting aside the fact that her baby will be sensitive to all the commotion, the new mom also went through quite a bit!

  • These are great tips. I will share this post with my daughter who is expecting he first baby any day now.

  • I love the idea of welcoming them with pleasant scents and sounds. It’s always good to make sure you have plenty of supplies stocked up too.

  • Bringing home each of my kids was incredibly different too. The first one was much more relaxed than it was with the second. Having that one kid at home already really mixed things up. LOL

  • These are all sweet suggestions on how to welcome a new family when they arrive home with a little one. I know my sister and brother in law really appreciated having some meals on hand as they adjusted to being parents of two.

  • These are great tips. What I needed most as a new mom was some rest and just some time to get to know my new baby,

  • Scents are very important to me and I think these would make a great housewarming gift for new moms!! Great post!!

  • What a great idea. Everyone feels so much better when they come home to a house that smells great. If I was welcoming a new mom home, I would have a few nice meals prepared ahead of time and maybe a gift certificate to a delivery food service or take-out place.

  • It is so important that new moms be able to rest after having a baby. I am putting together a nice care package for a friend that is having a baby soon that I want to get to her before she delivers so I do not bother her too soon after the baby arrives.

  • I remember bringing each of my babies home. It was kinda scary the first time. I was a young mom. Of course, everything worked out and I have two boys. I always let my baby dictate feedings, ect. I suggest that you rest as much during the day. Your baby probably won’t sleep at night or want to be alone.

  • It’s so hard in our busy everyday lives to take time to pay attention to those we love. I know that I was not there for my daughter when she brought home her new baby as much as I would have like to be. Support is so welcome and naps are like gold!

  • When my daughter was born, my son told me to send her back to where she came from, but I let him be in charge of telling me when she needed to eat and from that moment on she became his baby. Mom needs all the help she can get!

  • These are some great tips on how to create a welcoming homecoming for new moms and babies. This is a great post for both new moms and friends and family of new moms.

  • I will have to check out the Sensitive Scents. I have to be careful what i use in my home because i get headaches. I remember getting the house all cleaned up and sanitized before the kids came home.

  • I love these Renuzit products. They work great for me because of how sensitive I am with scents. I get migraines easily, and these scents are wonderful.

  • I agree with the low stress. That’s a big definite. And I love that new line of fragrance. The cone is my fave.

  • I love the idea of just the home smelling inviting to make a new mom feel more relaxed. It is so true that new moms and seasoned ones need some good smells and relaxation.

  • I love this! I remember when I had my first baby, I was so overwhelmed and wished that I had done or someone would have done most of what was on the list. Every new mom would especially appreciate someone doing the meals because you’re so tired at times, you don’t feel like doing it.

  • I think it is so important to welcome a new mom and make life as easy as possible for them initially. I know meals and gift baskets for me and the baby were welcome items.

  • Homecoming is a absolutely so special for moms & babies and I still remember those fabulous moments when I had my first baby. These are some wonderful tips to make sure you have a pleasant come back & Sensitive Scents sounds like a great add on to add some fragrance to those wonderful moments.

  • I had no idea they had this new line, it would be perfect for new moms and babies. I seriously flashed back to the 4 times I came home with my new babies and how I wished someone would have prepared the home for me with something like this.

  • I love this line too! When these came out I went for it immediately. A nice-smelling home is a perfect welcome to a new member of the family. I love when my home smells good, it feels cozier.

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