How To Build A LEGO® Mummy, Halloween Time Fun

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Spooky Bricks

Cadan is back for some more Halloween time fun! I love that her son is so into Lego®’s and has such a creative mind when playing with them!

With only a couple days left till the big day {and night} It’s time for some Halloween Fun!!!

Lego®, “to play well”.  This is the abbreviation of the Danish ‘leg godt’.  See these little tidbits of useful knowledge is what comes of having a, what I like to call, “brickhead” in our family. 

My son started building sets at 6.

He started with small creator sets.  You know the ones all parents adore because our children are able to make three different designs, and we only pay for one! Well his fascination to construct outside the box, grew and grew.  By outside the box (and you Lego® Moms will understand), I mean taking his very large, more expensive sets apart and creating amazing sets of his own…but…now they are all mixed up Ahhhh!  Ok, so it took me a bit to join his creative crusade, and just relax. 

Now we are organized by color, and anything goes. 

This has made it much easier for him (now 10 years old) to utilize all types of bricks, studs, doors, wheels, mats and mini-figs into army bases and fun holiday creations.  His first custom holiday creation was a Christmas Tree ornament.  Uber amazing!  So I asked him, “Would you be willing to come up with a few Halloween themed creations, something anyone could build?”  He said, “Yeah!”

He’s a boy of little words and lots of imagination. 

Here are a few of his builds, laid out for you in a step by step “Phototorial” with video too!  Building together is always fun, so if you have a little one the Spooky Bat and Spooky Mummy are two fun and easy builds.  If you have an older ‘brickmaster’, or are looking to challenge yourself ;), The Spooky Pumpkin is the way to go!  Either way you take on this tutorial, you’ll find a great holiday memory, and your own custom Halloween decoration 😉

Shall We….

Gather – The best way to begin these creations is to review the “individual pieces pictures” first, and pull together those particular colors/shapes.  You or your builder may find another brick that fits even better!  Then follow each step in the phototorial, until you have completed your own custom decoration!  

The Mummy

Spooky Bricks Mummy

The Mummy is a fun a quick build, which my son came up with after his first creation of a ghost. 

We looked at it and he said, “If I add this here and that there, it would look better as a mummy!” It’s always exciting when creations evolve, or just group them all together for a fun and festive mantle decoration.

Here is a video we made if your builders like to watch and learn:

 cadan bio

What are your littles dressing up for this Halloween?

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