How To Always Have Unlimited Blog Post Ideas

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Are you ever lost and wondering what am I going to write my next blog post about? Does it happen to you?

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Me, Oh gosh. Over the years, of course, there’s been a lot of times, but the funny thing is after dealing with that over and over again, I finally found a bunch of ways to make sure that it doesn’t happen to me anymore and that I always have a blog post idea to write about.

In fact, now I have so many things I want to write about that I will never get to them all, but I’m sure going to try since the more blog posts I write, the more website traffic and readers I will have.

Okay, so how do I have unlimited blog post ideas to write?

Ideas are everywhere.

I make sure I always have a way to always write them down. I use a note pad, email them to myself, or keep a draft in my email of ideas. You can use a dry erase board or note file on your phone, whatever works for you.

Once you start looking around or listen to what people are talking about when you are out and about, you will start to see ideas everywhere. What new foods are you seeing on restaurant menus? What are people talking about at school drop off? What are on magazine covers when you are checking out at the grocery store? These can all pop ideas into your mind.

How to always have blog post ideas.
Having fun at Disneyland instead of worrying about blog post ideas.

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Create a content calendar based on holidays.

Another great way to have blog post ideas available all the time is to add all the different holidays to your calendar and then brainstorm ideas based on the holidays. Add your own spin to it to make it relevant to your blog niche. Say you had a food blog, and it was Summer Break, you could make popsicles or other warm-weather snacks to share. Let’s say you had a book review blog, you could create a post with the best summer vacation books to read or a post with the best products to keep cool when reading outside in the warm summer air. The sky is the limit!

Share Instead.

There is something to be said for sitting down with a topic and creating a high-quality blog post that provides tremendous value to the reader. But, blog posts can also be entertaining in value and still be impactful. In fact, a blog post that is just there to entertain can deepen a connection with your audience and there is tremendous value in that. 

A great way to provide your readers with entertainment is to document your life instead of creating traditional content. You can do this by sharing a day in your life, or showcasing your travels, or sharing a recent meal or something else from your life. These posts can also be more picture heavy than your other posts and are good for just about every niche out there.

Solve problems.

Think of what problems you have solved in life. Have you taught a child how to potty train, have you adapted your life to a disability or alternative diet? What are you an expert in that people are always asking your advice about? These are all great blog post ideas. Take one of these issues and create a whole post just with tips and what you did to overcome or live a better life with the issue.

Use social media to get ideas.

What are the hot videos that are trending? YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, and all the other social media platforms are great places to get ideas for what to write a blog post about. Look and see what is trending? What are people talking about? What challenges are they facing? What is popular? Take those subjects and write a list of them all. Now take each of those subjects and write out 5 possible topics you could write blog posts on around them. If you had 10 things on your initial list, you now have 50 blog post ideas. Fifty blog post ideas just from that!!!

Since you will have so many different blog post ideas to choose from, it is really important that you allow yourself as much flexibility as possible when deciding what to write about when you actually sit down to start writing. Some days you just won’t feel like writing about the topic you might have chosen, so be flexible and look down your list and see which one feels the best to create a post around right then. It can make all the difference in your writing.

Remember these blogging tips to never run out of blog post ideas!

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