How I Learned About Fraud Protection The Hard Way

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I tend to over-think when given the opportunity.

Pete and I joke that this is one of the many reasons why we travel so much: When we are on the road producing a travel guide, there isn’t much time to do anything beyond enjoying the moment and sharing the story. It has been the best thing for my already filled-up brain. I imagine my brain cells appreciate it, too. The thing is, there is always something to worry about or at least to be over-aware of, especially as a parent… and it has taken me years to calm that side of my personality down. By getting rid of the things I really shouldn’t waste a second thinking about, I open myself up to being more productive and taking care of business in all aspects of my life… especially when it comes to preventative actions.

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One such thing that I didn’t always have time to think about was protecting ourselves from fraud.

Unfortunately, we had to learn the hard way by having our credit card number stolen to understand why it is something I should have been thinking about; and forming a plan to protect us from a long time ago. After that happened, it became a priority to never let it happen again or at least be better prepared if it did. Thankfully, you don’t have to learn the hard way when you have a Chase card with all of their fraud protection offerings. With Chase it doesn’t have to even be one of those things that you are always thinking about either, because Chase knows that we consumers tend to “block-out” fraud protection advice, which can leave us vulnerable to fraud. Even those of us who are aware of the risks aren’t necessarily taking all of the steps to help protect ourselves, so they help make it easy with a bunch of tools to help. Taking it one step further, Chase encourages proactive steps for fraud protection and ways we can all boost our “Fraud IQ”. Read Chase’s great article here to learn six ways to boost your “Fraud IQ”.

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I love that Chase views fraud prevention as a partnership between the cardholders and their bank. By working together, we can help keep our accounts safer and more secure. Chase takes customer security very seriously and has numerous fraud-detection tools in place to help protect our accounts. Chase’s fraud protection offers include:

  • Zero-Liability Protection – You won’t be held responsible for fraudulent charges made with your card or account information.
  • 24/7 Fraud Monitoring – They use specialized tools to monitor for fraud and may text, email or call you if there is anything unusual on your account.
  • Embedded Chip Technology – A chip adds another layer of security to cards when used at a chip card reader. During the chip transaction, the chip produces a single-use code to validate the transaction – further protecting cards from unauthorized use.

They also won’t let fraud slow you down. Chase will ship you a new credit card immediately if fraud is confirmed, or if your card is lost or stolen. If you’re traveling and away from home, Chase will work with you to authorize the credit card purchases you need. This is a really big deal to Pete and I because the last thing we want is to be away from home and not have access to our accounts. 

Here are some easy steps I learned from Chase that we can take to help protect ourselves from fraud:

  • Sign up for account alerts and your bank will notify you of suspicious activity.
  • Make sure your contact information is up to date. This will ensure your card company or bank is able to reach you in the case of suspected fraud.
  • Sign up to access your credit and debit card statements online instead of in the mail, and monitor them every few days – or more frequently during busy shopping seasons. If you spot anything inaccurate or unauthorized, contact your bank’s customer service center immediately.

I know this is often one of the last things that anyone wants to think about, but I also know that by partnering with Chase and utilizing the fraud prevention tips they offer, life can be so much more carefree and you can open your mind to thinking about more exciting things! Take the time to learn more about Chase Fraud Services, so you know how to protect yourself.

Have you ever had to deal with fraud?

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  • It is very important to make sure that we are protected. In today’s digital age it is even easier for crooks to steal. I have been a victim of fraud before and glad that my provider had steps that protected me.

  • We have had our credit card number stolen a number of times and it sucks. I love that Chase gives you alerts like that… so cool. I will have to look into that. Thanks for sharing

  • I have not had to deal with fraud yet. I will have to check this out and make sure I am protected. I would hate to have to deal with that.

  • I have never dealt with fraud before. I would hate for this to happen to anyone. It certainly is important to make sure you’re well protected for this.

  • It’s so crazy how often fraud occurs. I’ve heard horror stories from friends and colleagues. It is always so important to be aware and careful with the information you share.

  • I know of a few people that had problems with fraud. I was happy once when the bank wouldn’t authorize a purchase of mine because the card was being used in a different geographical area than usual.

  • I also know a few people that had fraud problems. Never ends well and the amount of work they had to go thru is an absolute nightmare of mine.

  • Knock on wood so far we have not had to deal with it yet. The closest we have come is having the bank tell us we need a new card as we at at a place that had a security breach.

  • Thank you for sharing! It’s something I don’t really think of often either, looks like I need to and wow! So much I just learned about chase! Thanks

  • These are some great tips for protecting against fraud! I know I check our bank account online all the time to make sure nothing ever looks suspicious.

  • This is awesome information for Chase about I D fraud. Signing up for alerts is always a great thing to do and a great way to know where your money is going. Thanks for sharing these awesome tips for Chase.

  • We are Chase customers and they also hold our mortgage, so looking into their fraud protection services only seems natural. Thanks so much for sharing this important information!

  • Unfortunately, I have had my PayPal debit card number stolen – twice! They were able to reverse the charges each time. It’s such a hassle and scary every time.

  • My husband has his debit card stolen a few years ago. Thankfully, he caught it quickly and we were able to stop the vendor from shipping the product. It is a pain dealing with the mess afterward.

  • I’m an over-thinker as well! I have had to deal with fraud when I had my debit card stolen. The amount stolen was under a 1k but it really bothered me that someone was able to do that to me and my bank didn’t pick up on it. I’m loving that Chase has 24/7 fraud monitoring. Great way to feel secure.

  • This is good information! I had my purse stolen a few years back. Dealing with this kind of stuff is so stressful! (I know id stolen and fraud are different, but both very scary!)

  • I haven’t had to deal with this yet, thankfully. This is really helpful information and I will use it the next time we travel.

  • I actually had to deal with fraud a few years ago when someone from a popular gaming site hacked into my PayPal account and took $250, which was drawn from my bank account. The ironic thing was that PayPal account wasn’t even linked to the gaming site! Thankfully, my bank came to the rescue.

  • It is such a scary topic because it can lead to a long drama with your credit. My friend is still working on resolving her fraud issues.

  • Looks like Chase has a pretty good program in place. We had our card number stolen one time and our bank was fantastic about taking care of it, and us. That peace of mind is great to have.

  • I once was a victim of credit card fraud. The people were from England and bought a ton of car parts.

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