How I Keep Clothes Stain Free With OxiClean

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We put OxiClean to the test with this stain…

oxi clean

Summer gets messy around here.

Especially with this kid! If she is not at the gym, she is doing some sort of exercise or training at home. That means a lot of stains. Some I don’t even know what they are… like this one which happens to be on one of her favorite shirts. She thinks it’s some sort of dirt from a kettle bell, but it could also be chocolate <— that made me crack up!

When we are traveling Ashley and Pete always get a new shirt from each gym (BOX) they visit. These shirts (and tank tops) are more than clothing, they are memories for her. So she was pretty bummed when this one had a stain on it. I assured her I had a secret weapon I could use that would wow her with it’s stain removing… OxiClean!

oxi clean shirts

Meet our stain. 

oxi clean white revive

Meet our stain removing heroes, OxiClean!

OxiClean Stain is the premier solution for removing all types of tough stains (kids, pets, spills, etc., you name it, it removes it!). I’ve been using it for years to get stains out of the girls’ clothes. I first discovered it on TV, do you remember those commercials? It was right when Maddie was born and all her clothes were stained with formula and then food.  

The first time I used it there was a HUGE  “Wow-factor” in effect! All the stains were gone and I was left with baby clothes that looked just like they did when they were new.

oxi cleaned stains

I thought my messiest days were over when they all moved past the baby and toddler days.

I was so wrong! But that is totally okay since I have OxiClean Stain removers in my laundry room!

Here are my secret weapons…

OxiClean™ White Revive™ Laundry Stain Remover Powder gets whiter whites without the harsh smell or the worry of chlorine spills. I use it often on my whites and the results are amazing!

More of the Wow. None of the Worry.

OxiClean™ Versatile Stain Remover is the Original Versatile Stain Remover that gets tough stains out in your laundry and throughout your home.

The original OxiClean™ is an incredible oxygen based stain fighter that’s chlorine free and color safe. OxiClean™ uses the power of oxygen to get tough stains out of your laundry and throughout your home. Use in every load, or pre-treat and let it soak in!

The unique formula is activated by water, unleashing bubbling oxygen power for safe, effective cleaning. It boosts your laundry water pH to improve your detergent’s cleaning ability, and its special ingredients are designed to help rinse soils away. It’s available in Regular and Free (scent and dye-free) varieties.

clean summer clothes

We soaked the stain for about 4 hours in OxiClean and then washed as usual. She was thrilled when it was back to its super clean state and did some jumps to celebrate! Thanks, OxiClean!

What are the biggest stains on your laundry?

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