How I Celebrate National Dog Week

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Did you know it’s National Dog Week? From September 20 – 26 it’s all about our best buddies! To celebrate my dog Rufus and I enjoyed a day together doing his favorite things.

Starting with a walk! He loves having a leash on because it means a new adventure is starting!

After that, we played ball! Pete joined us because that is their thing to do and they let me tag along.

Then it was belly rub time. Seriously this dog would be good with belly rubs all day, every single day.

This was my favorite moment. 

Rufus literally was trying to throw the flying disc himself and although he isn’t the best at catching it… he still loves to watch it and run after it. Not bad for an older guy! 

He’s also a big talker!

He started rolling around and howling it up! We ran around a bit, talked some more and then when he worked up an appetite it was meal time!

He is pretty picky about his food. I’ve never seen a dog quite like it… but he actually turns his nose up at food, but not Beneful! Meal Time is Rufus’ favorite activity of the day and it is also a great way to celebrate this special week together!

Beneful is made with good-for-you ingredients like real meats and vitamin-rich veggies, bringing to our best buddies tons of different tastes and textures to nourish both inside and out. Also, Beneful has something for every dog, from growing puppies to small dogs to healthy adults. 

Do you have a best buddy dog too? 

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