How does your garden grow?

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Back in 2009 I had a really random blog that talked about deals and coupons but mostly random things I think about. I also had a really great garden going. I dreamed of acres of pumpkins and we were on track to have a huge harvest… and than I got sick and they didn’t get watered and well we had an ity bity harvest. Here is the post I made on July 9th 2009 before the drought.

I just started planning this years garden so I was looking for inspiration. Are you guys doing a garden this year? Please share. I’d love to hear your plans!

{Here’s a blast from the past!}

Living on 4+ Acres I have some room to roam!

We currently have 300 avocado trees- however due to water restrictions they will be stumped soon.


We have around 100 grapes. There are 4 varieties of wine grapes. I did not plant these. I would have planted the eating variety… heck, I don’t even drink wine… but some days I think I should start!

I have an upper garden that is by the pool. It has 3 strawberry plants, 5 tomato plants, corn, pumpkin, watermelon, peas, and peppers. They are all planted in soil that is more like a huge rock. Don’t expect great results. I’m not.


I have 3 lower gardens in a cleared area of the grove. It has zucchini, cucumbers, various pumpkins, various squash, corn, tomatoes, peppers, cantaloupe, and carrots.

Below the grapes and below the lower garden and any other place I can fit them… I have over 1000 pumpkin plants in 49 varieties. I can’t wait to look out my window and see all these pumpkins growing!

Yes, I love pumpkins!
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