Keep Bugs From Feeling At Home

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hot Shot® Insecticides.

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We just welcomed this little cutie into our home.

She’s a tiny little thing and we are all in love with her! After she was in our home for a couple days we learned that she is very scared of creepy, crawly bugs. Little ants are the ones that seem to scare her the most. It was fun to watch for about 1 second and then I knew I needed to make bugs feel a little less at home in our home. Thankfully I had some Hot Shot® Insecticides standing by. 

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I have other reasons for wanting to make the bugs stay out of our home… including this little one in her new favorite hideout. She loves to bring a book or two here and relax and read. No bugs allowed! 

That’s not to say she doesn’t love to explore and go looking for bugs, but that’s only allowed in the yard, away from the comforts of the inside of our home. She is a huge rollie pollie discoverer and is known to help turn over any poor guys that find themselves stuck upside down, but if she sees a bug in our home it’s a completely different story. She wants it gone… NOW!  Thankfully Hot Shot® Insecticides takes pride in providing homeowners with solutions that help to keep their homes free of pests. That makes us all happy and helps keep our home pest free!

hot shot

Do your kids have a secret hideout? Do you have a beautiful reading corner?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hot Shot® Insecticides.

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