Homemade Sparkling Fruit Popsicles, Clementine and Fruit Cocktail – It's a Lovely Life!

Homemade Sparkling Fruit Popsicles, Clementine and Fruit Cocktail

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You all know I LOVE making yummy things to eat at home but that it also has to be really easy and quick…  these are both!

Real fruit flavored sparking beverages + your favorite fruit chunks = Homemade Sparkling Fruit Popsicles! Yum!



I made two varieties. And they were both delicious.

I also bought and tested a few popsicle molds because I see a whole lot of popsicles in my future this summer so I wanted to have a good mold to work with.

From my tests, the winner of the best popsicle mold is the Tovolo Groovy Ice Pop Molds.

The mold is a bit bigger than the rest of the ones I tried and reminds me of the size of real fruit popsicles you can buy at the grocery store, not the sugary ones for kids. It also is the easiest to remove from the mold and sets really well too. To clean the molds I just soaked them in hot soapy water and they were clean quick and easy! The material is really strong and should last for years to come. Back to the popsicles…

Sparking Clementine Popsicle– 

I love clementines and mandarin oranges so this idea came to me easily! I used IZZE Sparkling Juice, Clementine and poured it into the mold, stopping to drop in slices of mandarin oranges. I used both fresh slices and canned to see if there was a difference. I want to say that the canned was slightly better because it was sturdier once the popsicle was set mainly because it was already saturated with fluid before it was frozen, but the fresh oranges had a more summery taste so it's really a draw. Both worked and tasted great!

Sparkling Fruit Cocktail Popsicle

My two littlest ones love fruit cocktail. All those yummy pieces of fruit and cherries! I paired the fruit cocktail with  Izze Sparkling Blackberry and alternated pouring the Izze and dropping pieces of fruit. So Good!



I left both of these to freeze for 6 hours. There were 6 popsicle to start with and within 30 minutes there were non left. Enough said!

How do you stay cool?


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  2. These look supper yummy. I think it’s time to break out my popsicle molds. I prefer tovolo brand too.

  3. Wonderful! I have three sets of popsicle molds, and tons of fruit I picked up at the co-op. I think we’ll be having popsicles!

  4. Photos are gorgeous! and I can’t wait to try the recipe come weekend. It’s 50 degrees Celsius here!

  5. Yum! I love Izzys what a great idea. Sounds very refreshing! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Awesome! I’ve always seen the soda being used, but I’ve always been kinda weary of using it for popsicles. Its good to see that it freezes well and not like a sticky, freeze- burnt, old popsicle that’s been hangin’ out at the back of the freezer for too long!

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