Hollywood Date Night- Lethal Weapon Premier

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Yesterday afternoon Pete and I headed up to Hollywood for the premiere of Lethal Weapon on Fox. We were the guests of Ford, and we are so excited to be working with them!


After an almost three hour drive up from San Diego, we arrived a bit early, so we headed to get some coffee. We never know how long the drive will take. We have made it up there in as little as two hours and as long as 4. It's all about the traffic.


As soon as I told Pete the name of the show, he was instantly excited. The Lethal Weapon movies were some of his favorites from when he was younger, and after watching the promo videos he was hopeful that the show would live up to the name. 


Next to the red carpet were some Ford cars to showcase what vehicles may be in the new show. 


Inside the screening room was another fun Ford! Right past it were rows of chairs for us all and then it was showtime! For the next hour, we laughed and enjoyed Lethal Weapon. I was worried that it would be too much action for me without enough story line, but that wasn't the case at all. It was a fun show. The chemistry between the characters made the whole story flow, and the action kept us on our toes. The premiere episode gave us just enough background and adventure to leave us wanting more. The filming style feels very realistic, and we can't wait to see the plot deepen in the coming episodes. 


The after party was everything and more! It was held on the rooftop with food and drinks galore….all with a Ford twist! 


The DJ was playing bits of my favorite 80's music, so you know I loved it. The stars of the show were everywhere, and I was so excited for them. Pete and I both agree that the enthusiasm that they all put into this project shows, and it is going to be a total success! 


Here is the video of our night:

Where did you go on your last date night?

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