Review: Hilton Hawaiian Village Full Resort and Rainbow Tower Room Tour

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Sharing resort and room tours can be very bittersweet to me. That probably sounds strange, but I often fall head over heels in love with the places we visit and when I write the full review posts, that is normally the last time I will be sharing about it, for a while at least. This is no exception. We absolutely loved the location and the full resort at Hilton Hawaiian Village. Thanks again to Hilton for hosting our stay. We hope you enjoy this full review of the Hilton Hawaiian Village and Rainbow Tower.

As I’ve shared before, this was my second time staying here, and the first for the rest of the family. I visited as a teen and it is still just as awesome as I remembered it.

When I was here before, we stayed in the Ali’i Tower and this time we stayed in connecting ocean front rooms. I’ll share more about the rooms below and I’ve broken down the other parts of the resorts that we experienced.

Starting with the beach…

The resort is on a beautiful beach. No walking miles for sand, no heavy waves, just a nice place to relax and enjoy the Hawaiian sunshine. There is a sidewalk that takes you all the way to the heart of Waikiki too. Here are some pictures!

There is also a lagoon!

This is right off the beach and something that is perfect for families.

It was one of the main memories that I had of the resort. My sister and I spent all day down at the lagoon and my girls did the same. We rented an umbrella for me to sit under, and then Pete and the girls rented all the water equipment and splashed around in the water. Emmy especially loved that there are fish in the lagoon!

There are so many shopping opportunities too.

I never used to be a vacation shopper, and now I live for it. Some of my favorite outfits for myself and the rest of the family have come from discovering cool new shops when we are visiting a new area.

The resort itself is almost like a contained city and you really never have to leave… but because it is so perfectly located, you totally can if you want to. We love Waikiki so we took strolls all around, but it was great letting the kids do their own thing all around the resort-like my sister and I did. Reminder, we have 8, 15 and 17 year old’s so we can do this. I wouldn’t let the 8-year-old set off alone anywhere, not just here, but with a big sister, it was perfect.

Aside from the awesome shops like Hawaiian cookies, high-end purses, and jewelry, the shopping area is gorgeous!

Tip: Go to the ice cream place below for coffee. I mean, yes, get ice cream here too… but for sure get a mug of pour-over coffee here. It was our favorite from our time on the islands.

Another tip: If your kids have always wanted to get a fresh pearl, this is the place to do it. I got my first one here as a kid and we continued the tradition with the girls.

The pools!

There are multiple pools on property and we loved the ones at the Rainbow Tower.

The accommodations.

We had connecting oceanfront rooms. One had a king bed and the other two queens. For us, it is all about the view and with a balcony and an oceanfront room, you can have this view too! As soon as we saw this view off our balconies, we didn’t even care about the actual rooms… but of course, those were nice too!

Friday night fireworks and dining.

One more tip- make sure you are staying over on a Friday night because they have fireworks right off the beach in front of the resort. It was amazing and not a quick show either! We had dinner reservations at Bali Steak & Seafood (they made us amazing vegan and vegetarian food) and then escorted us to the patio to watch the fireworks. Reservations fill up on Friday nights because of this, so book early!

The food was so delicious, flavorful and fresh.

When we were having dinner, there were hotel guests and locals alike in the restaurant which is the number one sign that the food is top-notch. Here are some pictures of how creative the dishes served here are…

Hop on over and see all the fun we had at Hilton Hawaiian Village here and be sure to watch our resort and room tour above.

Heather Reese
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Heather Delaney Reese is the storyteller and photographer behind the lifestyle and family travel blog, It's a Lovely Life®! For the past decade, she has vacationed over 150 days a year with her family. She is a vegan, and loves being by the water, spending time with her children, husband, 2 Shih Tzus and Cat.


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