Happy New Year! Tips To Make This Year Great

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After a little too much sparking apple cider the younger two were well on their way to a crazy New Years Eve! I had to capture the moment since it really visually explains what I want from 2013! More fun!

I made this little list of what I’m going to do to make 2013 the best year yet!

  1. Go for a walk- I know that health is the most important aspect of a great life. It’s hard to be there for those you love and enjoy life if you are not there {morbid I know} and we only get one body…. so what I can control is exercise. I’m going to start with 30 min. every day this year even when I don’t feel like it.
  2. Take more pictures- The past couple years I really wanted to “be in the moment” and taking pictures made it hard to enjoy what was happening around me… but looking back I wish I had more pictures. The Toddler will be 3 soon and it’s going by too quick. She’s our last baby and I want to remember all these fun moments for years to come.
  3. Plan better- I’m getting really good with list writing and planning life out… but there is still room for improvement. Mainly, meal planning. I will never be a really good home cook. I get that… but I would like to do better.
  4. Dumb it down- Okay, that sounds bad but along the lines of better meal planning I want to simplify. I need 10 good meals that we all like to rotate through. That means we will only eat the same thing 3 times a month {at most} and it will make grocery shopping that much easier. I plan to simplify as much of my life as I can.
  5. Don’t worry about the small things- I know that this is totally easier said than done but it is so true. I get hung up on rude and mean things that people do and say way too much. It’s silly little things that happen in my day to day life that get to me. Notice the part about “get to me”. Yep, I let them bother me. I need to be quicker on my feet and either respond better and nip it in the butt or let it go quicker. I can control my life, but I can’t control others lives. If they are miserable people I can’t stop them from taking it out on others… but I can choose not to upset me. {I’m talking directly to the guy at drop off at my 10 year old daughters school who started honking and screaming at us to”Hurry the F$#K UP” when she stopped to grab her coat as she got out of the car last month}. Shame on you… not me!
  6. Choose fun- Should be really simple right? But it’s not. Sometimes the whole… “I should get XYZ done” get’s in the way of just enjoying a moment with the girls. This needs to change. I can get boring stuff done done more efficiently when they are all at school and have more fun with them when they are home.
  7. Work harder- Adding more to #6, work harder and smarter during working time. Enough said now… I’ll elaborate more this coming year. This also includes incorporating more products and services into my life that makes it easier and better.
  8. Accept some days will not be the best. Remember that the good days out number the bad.
  9. Choose better. This seems simple and it is. A basic explanation is to choose healthier foods and household products. My middle one and I have asthma. Mine is very mild hers not so much. What I bring into this home needs to fuel her body and keep her healthy. I’m most focused on eating better and using only green household products.
  10. Be me. If I’m thinking it expect to hear about it. You’ve been warned… in a good way of course!

What about you? What are you thinking about this new year?

Heather Reese
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