Happy Homemaking {Monday}

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Welcome to Happy Homemaking {Monday}

I used to think “homemaking” was a bad word. It sounded old fashion and boring but then I realized that homemaking can be fun, fulfilling and done right… makes life great! No matter what craziness I’m up to outside the home, my #1 priority is creating a happy home life for my family. Thus I knew I needed to focus on Happy Homemaking. I’ve learned a lot… but I know there are millions of other tips out there.

Every Monday I will be posting one of my best tips to Happy Homemaking. If you are a blogger I’d love to have you link up a Happy Homemaking Tip in the linky below {I’ll be visiting and commenting on all links in the linky}… if you are not a blogger please leave a comment below with your tip! I can’t wait to read them all!

It’s fun to peek {I always spell this “peak”, horrible I know, I apologize if I’ve offended you} into other peoples shopping cart right? You know as the person ahead of you is unloading their groceries onto the belt you steal a few glances.

The man buying the jumbo pack of sanitary napkins, you chuckle and think I hope those are for his wife/daughter/girlfriend and then you think “what a good guy” and “hope he got the right ones” LOL!

The Lady ahead of you buying five 12 packs of beer at 9:00am… well many things pop into your mind!

And then there was me yesterday. I was the lady buying 12 boxes of cake mix. 8 six pack of yogurt and a bunch of random stuff that didn’t look like it would create any sort of balanced meal. But that’s how I roll…

Happy Homemaking Tip: Creating a happy home involves feeding my family food that they like, that is healthy and that doesn’t break the bank. I average about $125 a week for 5 dinners for 5 people, breakfast for 5 people for 7 days and lunch of 4 people for 7 days.  This equals about $1.83 a meal.

“How do I do it? Easy, I shop loss leaders, I know what stores have the cheapest cost for the items
I use the most and I pair sales with coupons and other rewards/rebates.”

If you want an easy way to save money at the grocery store without coupons just look through all the grocery ads that you get in the mail each week and stock up on your favorites when they are on sale. Buy enough to last you 3 months. Eventually, you will have a good stockpile of your favorites and your grocery spending will go way down!

Imagine if you buy 2 jars of your favorite spaghetti sauce for $3.29 a week =  $6.58

Now imagine you find a great deal on this same spaghetti sauce for only $1. You buy enough to last you 3 months which is 24 jars for $24. If you had continued to buy the jars at $3.29 each you would have spent $78.96… by stocking up when it was on sale you saved $54.96. Multiply that by all of your favorite items and you could save thousands off your grocery bill every year.

What is your Happy Homemaking Tip?

Heather Reese
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