Halloween Hair Style: Pumpkin Top Bun

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Halloween Hair Style: Pumpkin Top Bun


I’m so excited to have one of my oldest and dearest friends contributing some of her awesomeness!

Cadan and I went to high school together a million years ago and even back then she was crafty and creative! I’ve finally got her to share some of the fun she does with her family and I’m so excited! This is her first post and it is adorable… 

Who doesn’t love a cute top bun?

Now, just for Halloween let’s turn that cute top bun into an even cuter “pumpkin” top bun.  ooo, I love it even more! 🙂

Just gather a few inexpensive and easy to obtain accessories, and you’re on your way to a fashionable expression that is sure to get a few, “oh how cutes” and “how’d ya do that’s”.  Shall we….


5-8 Orange Chenille Pipe Cleaner

1 Green Chenille Pipe Cleaner

1 Hair Band 

1 Hair Clip

1 Sock bun form (instructions on making a sock bun form from a sock, below)

Create a sock bun form.  (Skip this part if you have a store-bought form) 

The size of the bun will depend on the size sock you’ll want to use.  I used one of my husband’s old (clean) socks for by 7 year olds bun.  Cut the toe off the sock and begin to roll the sock from the toe down to the elastic part.  Voila!  You just made your very own bun form.  So easy, right!

Create the Stem – Grab that one green chenille pipe cleaner and wrap it around your finger creating a spiral.  Make the spiral smaller at the top, this is our stem.  Wrap the bottom of the spiral aka stem, around the base of the medium clippie.  Set aside. 

Pumpkin Bun

ONE – Using the hair band, gather all of the hair into a semi-high pony.  Securing it well. (You can use water and smooth out the hair.  Opted for a more loose more natural look)


TWO/THREE – Take your orange chenille pipe cleaners and hook them under the hair band, twisting them back onto themselves.  Do this all around making a sun of pipe cleaners around the base of the pony.



FOUR – Pull out a few pieces of hair, the same amount as your orange chenille pipe cleaners.  One at a time, begin to wrap the hair around the pipe cleaners.  At the ends bend the pipe cleaner about an inch or two down and wrap back onto itself.  Do this all the way around.

Pumpkin Bun

FIVE – Now fun part!  Pull the left over hair straight up, take your bun holder and place it at the top of the “hair tower”, pulling the hair through the middle and letting the hair cascade all around the bun form.  

SIX/SEVEN – Begin rolling the hair under the bun form, keep rolling down, keeping the hair taut as you roll down.  


EIGHT – Now take each of the hair wrapped chenille pipe cleaners and pull them over the bun, tucking them into the center.  



Pumpkin Bun

ADD THE STEM –Once all orange pipe cleaners are tucked in tight, take the clippie stem, and collect as many of the orange pipe cleaners, from the middle, as possible.  Grip into the center and push the clippie into the middle securing your beautiful pumpkin bun! Pumpkin Bun Done!

Pumpkin Bun-10


Now for the best part, go out and show the world!!!  Or at least your family, friends, schoolmates and co-workers!


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What is your favorite Halloween candy?


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