Guide To Deer Valley Utah Vacation With Kids

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We are really excited to be staying at the Montage Deer Valley as their guest and equally happy to be sharing this Deer Valley, Utah family vacation guide with you!1

Day two of our Utah adventure was full of thrills!

Pete, Ash and Emmy woke up early and went for a hike up Deer Valley Mountain. They took Red Cloud Trail up the hill and then took the chair lift back down. While they were exploring nature I was writing yesterday's post. It worked out perfectly! The night before we saw a moose right outside our window, while Pete and Maddie were at the store and they didn't believe us. I tried to get a picture but it was too dark. He didn't think that moose would come this close to the resort, so it made me immensely happy to hear that he was told to stay away from moose on the hike and that there is one that likes to visit the resort in the evenings!

On the hike they passed through green forests and meadows of tall grass till the reached the top with forever views!

After that we headed over to Park City Resort to go on the Alpine Slide and Roller Coaster! While the rest of my family had some wild fun, I took the chair lift on the “scenic” tour which lasts an hour and it was like being in heaven. So peaceful! 


Here is a video Emmy filmed on the slide with Pete! The slide is 3,000 feet long!

view above park city

Back at Montage Deer Valley we relaxed in the afternoon with this view!

And then it was back to Main Street for a walking Ghost Tour! 

We learned about this tour in the museum and it's held at 8pm every night in the summer. It's the perfect mix of history and campfire ghost stories. It's perfect for the 10+ year old crowd, although Emmy did enjoy it. We told her they were all made up stories, which they very well could be… but I just really enjoyed the historical aspect and the insight as to what the town has gone through. The 1918 pandemic flu hit the town hard along with the challenges that miners faced everyday. One of my favorite parts about traveling is learning about history where it happened, not just from a book. The girls all take home so much from these trips too.


If this is your first time to Park City and Deer Valley I recommend planning out your days as soon as you arrive. The concierge at the Montage is so knowledgeable and really helped us plan some amazing things. We have been planning our days around the must see activities offered at the resort and that of the town and we have been going to sleep exhausted! There is so much to see and do here!

How was your weekend?

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  1. The ghost tour sounds like fun! I’m not a kid anymore but I’m still thrilled whenever I hear about ghost stories especially when told during campfire sessions. I recall that my friends and relatives used to tell us real stories about ghosts because their third eye is open and they are more sensitive with the people we normal people can’t see.

  2. I am really enjoying your travel posts. I have always wanted to go to Utah and explore. Looks like there are some great things to do there with the family.

  3. That looks like a really fun, relaxing place to visit on vacation! I’d be way too scared to go on that zipline though!

  4. I think my family and I would really benefit from a weekend close to nature like this. We are in Las Vegas, so the drive would not be too outrageous and the stunning scenery alone makes it well worth it.

  5. These are just gorgeous pictures of Deer Valley. It reminds me of our area on top of the ski hill we have in my home town. I too love the history aspects of areas I visit. The ghost walk sounds like it would be an awesome time indeed. Thanks for sharing.

  6. We haven’t been to Utah yet but this resort looks like a really fun place. My kids would go nuts for that Alpine Slide. They went on one once in SC and loved it.

  7. I love alpine areas so much and your trips looks gorgeous. Right now I am in a short holiday trip on my hometown, also an alpine settle. I love the fresh air and the landscapes!

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