Review: Grand Palladium Riviera Maya Food and Fun

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Review of the food and activities at Grand Palladium Riviera Maya, The White Sands Suites.

Indulge in the vacation of a lifetime at Grand Palladium in gorgeous Riviera Maya. With stunning beaches and pools, delicious food and fun for the entire family.

Four days in Riviera Maya just wasn’t enough, but we sure packed in a lot of fun over those days!

Here is more of our adventure in Mexico. Special thanks to Palladium Hotel Group for inviting us to experience this wonderful resort and for sponsoring this post. 

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Starting the day at Grand Palladium Resort & Spa Riviera Maya.

Pete and Emmy have a tradition of getting up early no matter where we are and watching the sunrise. I’m not sure who enjoys it more because they both are always so excited each morning as they head out the door. I joined them on our last day on our trip because I can’t pass up the opportunity to take sunrise pictures. It is one of my favorite times of the day!


Plus, the beach is normally pretty empty then so it is perfect for relaxing in the hammocks that are positioned up and down the beach.


The rest of our fullday went like this at Grand Palladium Resort & Spa Riviera Maya.

Explore the resort, have fun, eat a lot of delicious food, and relax as much as possible! Oh, and do some shopping!

Next to the beach there is a spot on the property where approved local vendors come and sell their things. We bought some souvenirs for really good prices and didn’t even have to leave to do it!


Breakfast at Grand Palladium Riviera Maya.

This was always Emmy’s favorite meal! It was a character breakfast with RAGGS!


This was a big hit with all the children and although Emmy is 6, she still thought it was really fun. I think even the teens enjoyed it! 


The resort goes all out for these special things and everything was themed! The food, decorations, and even the drinks! Be sure to make reservations for this special breakfast!




These donuts were calling my name!!!


The Pools At Grand Palladium Resort Riviera Maya.

After breakfast, it was time to hit the pool!


There is a large kids area with a splash pad and all sorts of slides!

Emmy and I spent the better part of a whole afternoon by the pool while Pete, Maddie and Ash went on a Segway tour of the property. This was a first for them and they loved it! Pete wants to buy one now! I have a full video of the tour at the bottom of this story.


After the pool, Em and I wandered between the different resorts on the property. It is all so beautifully landscaped and feels like a village more than a hotel. 

Over the water bungalos at Grand Palladium Resort Riviera Maya.


Grand Palladium Resort lunch buffet.

We did all manage to meet up for a late lunch at a buffet and we were seated right on the other side of one of the koi ponds at the property. This is such a peaceful way to enjoy a meal! Definitely, ask for a table by the window at all the restaurants! 


This view!!!


I’m going to jump around a bit here, but I just had to show off one of the other pools we loved. On our last day, before we flew home, Pete, Em and I spent an hour here. 


It was awesome!


I shared in my post yesterday how you just walk through the forest to get to the beach and this was the bridge right outside our room! 


I wanted to take these trees home with me… and this iguana too! She was so friendly!


Another path to the beach…


This one led us to a completely different ocean area. Tidepools! 


We watched birds swoop down for a fish dinner and bright fish swimming by. 


Grand Palladium Resort beaches.

If I had to pick one place at Grand Palladium Resort & Spa that was my favorite, it would be this spot right here.


On the left is the ocean, and on the right is a real salt water pool fed by the ocean. It is screened off so that the smaller fish can still get through and the perfect place for beginners to practice snorkeling or just anyone who wants jump in and swim with fish. There are beach chairs surrounding it and trails to walk along. It was paradise! 


Emmy had a tiny piece of a cracker that she was eating and she decided to share it with her new fish best friends!


Specialty dinner restaurants t Grand Palladium.

Our last night at the resort we had dinner at another one of the other specialty restaurants, La Adelita, a Mexican Cuisine Restaurant. The chef came out to welcome us and asked us what we wanted to eat tonight. Such a lovely touch on our last night. There were many items on the menu that could be vegan or vegetarian, but he wanted to see what we were craving for dinner and create some new dishes just for us!


Pete had a vegetable burrito. I had the most amazing vegan fajitas and Ashley had a mushroom dish that she still talks about!



Because this is an all-inclusive resort, we opted to head to the buffet around the corner for dessert because these two wanted more sorbet! The desserts here were unlike anything I have ever seen before. They were massive and all looked homemade. I even had a couple tell me they come back every year and the desserts are the first thing they head straight to! 


Here are our daily videos:

We had such an amazing time at Grand Palladium, The White Sands Suites.

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