Grand Bahia Principe Coba Full Review, Trip Report and Room Tour

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Welcome back to our family travel guide to the Cancun area! We are so excited to share more about the amazing vacation we had to Riviera Maya and our stay with our travel partner, Grand Bahia Principe

When we are in the Cancun area, our go-to transportation (and tour) company is our partner, Olympus Tours. They are always on time, friendly and make our vacations so much better. This time was exactly like it always is. Simply perfect. 

After about an hour drive from the Cancun area, we arrived at Grand Bahia Principe in Riviera Maya.

The welcome here was so awesome!

We arrived at the lobby and had drinks and they threw the most spectacular welcome for us. We noticed right away that everyone here was so friendly and throughout our time we saw multiple examples of people that worked here going above and beyond to make all the guests’ vacations as memorable as possible.

We checked in and then we were whisked away in our chariot, aka the golf cart to our rooms.

Side note- isn’t it funny how much kids love golf carts. Maybe it isn’t just the kids that felt that way. Ha! Also, we took so many golf carts and I love that they have them available because sometimes you feel like a nice walk, and other times you just want to get to dinner. 

The rooms that we stayed in are connecting with each other, which is the best way to vacation for a big(ish) family like ours. The resort really caters to families and they decorated our door and left goodies and fruit for the kids and adults.

The fridge was packed with snacks and drinks too. This is one just one of the reasons we loved staying at an all-inclusive…having these readily available and included!

The kids’ side also had special toiletries!

…and a step stool. Our room was almost exactly the same without the special kid “touches”.

This is the kids’ side. It had two queen beds and also a twin bed right by the ballons. Also, balloons. They left balloons! Emmy was over the world happy about that!

The bright colors were so festive. 

Here are a bunch more pictures of our rooms.

Our room had a king bed and also a bench area that could be turned into a twin if we had needed it.

Our mini-fridge also had beer. The kids’ fridge, of course, was stocked with juice and the like instead.

The rooms also had coffee. Which you all know is super important to us.

I’m a toiletry snob and found these to be great!

All in all, the rooms were very clean and had a real “we are in Mexico feel” which we all enjoyed. We took it pretty easy on this day and explored the resort.

Then joined the special dinner that they host once a week for their loyal returning guests. It was totally fun!

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