Giving Thanks To Our Holiday Heroes

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In our home, we honor those that go above and beyond to help others and who make the world better. Military, law enforcement, and medical people are at the top of our list, but around the holidays especially, we also stop and give thanks to those that help us all have the merriest of times. 

From the mail delivery people, to the gardener, and a whole bunch of other people… they are the heroes of the holidays that are often overlooked as we lead our busy lives. 

Each year we do something special for these wonderful people. I’ve given out candy and homemade cookies, and this year, since it is warmer than normal, I’m giving out Santa Coca-Cola Bottles. 


We set up a stand right inside our front door where we greet our delivery drivers so that they can take a bottle or two of Coca-Cola. Then they can either enjoy the Coke right away, or save it for later. I love this idea because this is an immediate thank you to them, and it also is refreshing on days when they are working overtime to make sure that we all get our gifts in time for the big day!

Since we are traveling a lot right now and I haven’t even bought a single gift for Christmas, it is going to be a 100% online Christmas for us. I’m anticipating seeing our drivers daily for the next week or so and I stocked up to make sure that I had enough Coca-Cola for them each time they come to our home. I really want them to know how much we appreciate them this time of year and always.


These are the people that I’m making the holiday special for with their help!


Once we had the table set up, our first moment of thanks was when our gardener came on a Sunday to do a little extra sprucing up to our front yard. He knows that we have a big Christmas Eve party each year, and he wanted to make sure our home looked extra good. 

Pete went right over to the Holiday Hero Table as we are calling it, and picked up some Coca-Cola.




Then he took them outside, and enjoyed one with our gardener. He was camera shy but his smile spoke volumes! Pete wasn’t as shy about drinking his! Not only is it refreshing to drink, with an unforgettable delicious taste, but the nostalgia from his own childhood enjoying a coke with his parents and brothers during the holidays made it even more special.



I can’t wait to start sharing a Coke and thanking our delivery drivers for all they are doing to help make Christmas awesome this year! Nothing will refresh a holiday hero like a delicious Coca-Cola, and they deserve to stop and savor the moment.


How do you thank your overlooked holiday heroes? 

Heather Reese
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