Get summer ready with Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sally Hansen.

girls night out kit

Spring and Summer are here! Time to put away those heavy clothes and pull out the fun, bright, and lightweight clothing. For me, it is also the season to pamper myself and plan a much-needed girls night out! Sally Hansen's sent me an awesome Girls Night Out kit and it was the perfect way to get ready for a fun night out with just the girls.



The kit was loaded with everything I needed. Nail polish, lipstick, mascara… the works. But the hero of the night… Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs


I am very fair skinned and my white winter legs were showing in the adorable dress that I wanted to wear. It was obvious that I needed some color help. I am careful not to expose my skin to the sun as it is not good for your skin and I burn easily. I am always slathered in sunscreen. Tanning is just not my thing. So, you can imagine my excitement to try Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs.


Here is the before shot. I hope you aren't blinded by my white legs! HAHAHA! Sally Hansen's covers freckles, veins, blemishes, and imperfections. It looks natural; which is important to me. And it doesn't rub off on clothing!

It was also really easy to apply.

Either spray on or rub on like a lotion. It took me minutes to apply and then it dried really quickly. After it's dry it doesn't rub off on anything, yet it washes off with soap and water. Seriously amazing stuff! I'm going to be investing in lot's of this during the summer!


Here is the after shot! My leg on left has 2 coats of the lightest color and the right leg one coat. I absolutely love how it looks… so natural! I am telling you… EVERY GIRL needs this for Spring & Summer! I felt so much better going out with the girls without my pasty white legs!


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sally Hansen.

Where is your favorite place to go for a girls night out?

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  1. I usually bake in the sun all summer long, but this would be great for the winter time!!

  2. You got such wonderful results! I’ve heard that this product really works wonders, but it’s even neater to actually “see” it!

  3. I am now sold on the airbrush legs. I need to try it (because I do not even attempt to tan. I’m so fair skinned!)

  4. You can tell a difference. I’ve got a nice pasty white glow going on right now that would rival Elmer’s for their title. 😉

  5. How come you didn’t do your feet? Does it stain them or is it not made for that? Just wondering because I want to try this.

  6. I have never wanted a spray tan before, but that airbrush looks so natural. I am going to have to give it a try!

  7. Love it!! I have wanted to try this stuff for years but was scared of going orange. You look great though so now I’ll try!!

  8. Why didn’t you tell me this product was so good BEFORE I exposed my white legs at a wedding! LOL. I better get some before date night!

  9. I love this kit! I have thought about buying those airbrush legs but I was nervous I would mess it up! But it looks really easy!

  10. I love the sun but hate burning. Your legs look amazing with the airbrushing! I am going ot have to try this so I can wear my dresses and skirts without showing off my winter-white legs!

  11. Aw, shoot! I have an appointment the time the Twitter party is going on 🙁 I want to win one of those fantastic kits!! I’m starting to appreciate more ‘girly’ things so this must have been one fun post to do!

  12. I saw this in the store the other day and wondered if it would work. I don’t tan because I am very pale. I think I am going to pick it up the next time I see it.

  13. Wow I can really see a difference. I was always worried about stuff like that looking orange but it doesn’t

  14. This is an awesome product! I’m sure that every girl would appreciate this one. I hope I get one of those. 🙂

  15. You’ve sold me. I really wanted to try this product but I didn’t know if it worked!

  16. Ok I’m going to be the one to ask.. Did you try it anywhere else other than your legs? I totally would!! I’m gonna go buy some!

    1. I haven’t yet… it’s getting really warm so I can see myself using it on the rest of my body too when I start wearing short sleeves again!

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