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Garden Of The Gods Club & Resort Review

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Today I am sharing the last installment of our family travel series to Colorado Springs featuring the stunning resort we stayed at, Garden of the Gods Club and Resort. Special thanks to Colorado Springs CVB and the Garden of the Gods Club and Resort for sponsoring this trip. 

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Growing up, my family and I frequented old school resort-style clubs often. I took cotillion classes there, we had meals there and met friends and family there to relax and enjoy their company. These days clubs of this sort are few and far between. As soon as we drove up to Garden of the Gods Club and Resort, it felt like I was stepping foot into an eloquent world I hadn’t seen in a long time but in today’s modern style. Even the lights that brighten the resort are elegantly placed.

Here is a glimpse into this beautiful resort overlooking Garden of the Gods.


Starting with the rooms and suites. 

We stayed in two connecting rooms. Our bedroom had a king size bed, couch and sitting area next to the fireplace, huge bathroom and balcony view that looked over Garden of the Gods. The image above is what we saw when we woke up each morning. We were able to see the sky go from pitch black to all sorts of shades of red and orange as the sun rolled over the hills. This is one of the best views I have ever seen from a hotel room.

king room

I love the way the sun shined through the windows and how the bed was positioned to take in the view.

king room pictures

We also loved having this writing desk. 


Even though it was chilly out, we still enjoyed our coffee on the balcony each morning.


One more picture of the balcony!


Over in the girls’ room were two queen beds and a sitting area where the girls enjoyed the delicious food available at the resort.


They had the same lovely rays of light streaming through the window.


The rooms are recently remodeled and also have refrigerators, coffee makers and safes for valuables.


The surprise welcome and nightly gifts just showed how everyone we met here goes above and beyond to make all of their guests feel welcome!


During the off season, all guests are invited to use this heated pool looking out towards Pikes Peak! During the summer season, there is a large family pool with splash pad.


The dining at the resort was spectacular. I don’t throw that word around without it really being a great experience and it really was. Knowing that we were vegetarian and vegan, they went above and beyond to welcome us with a creative and delicious assortment of offerings. They also have a stand alone menu for those that are vegetarian, vegan and/or gluten-free.


Plus, the dining area elevates the experience. This is the view you get to enjoy with your meal!


For breakfast, I feasted on a tofu scramble that was both filling and flavorful.


With a slice of hashbrown casserole on the side, I could eat this meal every day of my life and still look forward to it each morning. It was that good!


Another favorite was this avocado ceviche. 


Also available are family favorites that everyone will love. Emmy couldn’t get enough of this breakfast!


The resort was perfect for our family to have as a home base during our stay, but it is also a place of health and healing that makes a wonderful addition to your Colorado Springs vacation with their International Health and Wellness Center. The center offers a collaborative, personalized approach to medicine.

When we were visiting, construction to this impressive center was just finishing up but Ash and Pete were able to experience a couple of the services they offered, a Bod Pod session for each and a personal training session at the fitness center with Tracy Iverson, the Director of Fitness & Lifestyle at the resort.

The Bod Pod was a very enlightening experience for Pete & Ashley.  The Bod Pod is based on air displacement technology and it is the most accurate body composition measurement tool available.  The test provides accurate body fat percentage readings, a lung function test, and more.  Recommendations are also provided based on the readings obtained and they are reviewed with you afterward so you can come up with a plan to make any needed changes. Pete and Ashley work out quite a bit, so they love getting this individualized data that helps them improve their training.

The next day included the private training session for Pete & Ashley with the resort’s Director of Fitness & Lifestyle, Tracy Iverson.  They both raved about Tracy’s knowledge and the difficulty of the workout they were put through. Tracy has an amazing background in the fitness industry and he is able to tailor programs to meet the exact needs of those he is working with.  In this case, Pete & Ashley are avid Crossfitters. Tracy helped them with some accessory movements and various exercises that they don’t do on a regular basis at Crossfit so they can be as well rounded as possible in their training.

If we had more time in the area we would have certainly enjoyed even more of what the International Health & Wellness Center offered. This is going to be a place people local to Colorado and those far away will be traveling to in order to improve their current health by taking their efforts up a level and starting on the road to a healthy life.

Here is an introduction to this magnificent place of health:

Nestled within the breathtaking setting of the renowned Garden of the Gods Club and Resort resides the International Health & Wellness Center (IHWC).

With a unique approach to integrated healthcare, the IHWC combines the expertise of clinicians trained in both traditional and complementary medicine, establishing a new model in healthcare delivery. Working together, our board-certified physicians and executive health coaching team draw upon decades of experience in the field of Integrative Medicine to provide the most advanced healthcare services. The IHWC is a restorative resource with a focus on transforming lives and empowering clients to perform at their fullest potential.

At the International Health and Wellness Center, the possibilities of achieving optimal health are as limitless as the surrounding landscape.

Here is our video with the resort featured towards the end:

What are your favorite amenities at hotels and resorts?

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