Fruit Candy Corn Halloween Treat

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Tomorrow is Halloween so I’m sharing a super easy last minute treat today!

Halloween is a little bit on the “Sugar Overload” side. These Candy Corn Alternative Treats are just too fun! They are definitely kid approved and I must admit… I LOVE THEM!!!! I’m so happy to have Cadan back to share this awesome treat!

When the kids were babies, it was total organic! 

Now at 10 and 7 years old, they, of course, have had their fair share of “unnatural sugars”, but I still strive to keep the sweets as natural and organic as possible.  With Halloween upon us, it seems the entire year of trying to keep them from devouring sugar is all for not.  Or is it?  If I can trick them (it is Halloween after all) into thinking the snacks they’re eating are indeed the same as the real thing… then perhaps we will ALL get what we want!  Enter the healthier version of candy corn, well kinda….

Candy Corn Alternative Halloween Treats


  • 1 Pineapple
  • 1 Cantaloupe
  • 1 bag of medium sized Marshmallows
  • A few wooden skewers.  Cut in half

Candy Corn Alternative Halloween Treat

With the shape of a candy corn being what it is, I started creating this treat from the bottom up.  

ONE, I cut the pineapple into bite sized pieces and shaped them into, what looked to me like the bottom portion of a candy corn. 


TWO, I cut the cantaloupe into wedges.  I then cut pieces the same thickness as the pineapple and added the skewer. 

Candy Corn Alternative Halloween Treat

THREE, I added the marshmallow.  Let your marshmallow be your guide here. Follow its width and cut the rest of the fruit to size.  

Candy Corn Alternative Halloween Treat

Once you have cut one of each piece of fruit, use it as a guide for the remaining bits. 

You may also try using canned pineapple.  I just always seem to reach for the whole fruit when I’m in the market.

Candy Corn Alternative Halloween Treat

Now for the taste test:

Not only did they think it was cute, it was tasty too! They even thanked me for that little bit of “unnatural sugar” I left in…. the marshmallow.  


Happy and Healthy-ish Halloween!


What is your favorite Halloween Treat?

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