FROZEN DVD Family Movie Night!

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I think we, like most people on the planet Earth, were eagerly awaiting the day that FROZEN finally came out on DVD!

I had been planning for this night for months! My little one might be one of the BIGGEST FROZEN fans out there and I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that we have listened to the soundtrack at least 200 times. Everyone in my family knows every word to every song and the little one has even said lines in the movie in her sleep. <— If that doesn’t make her a super fan I don’t know what does!

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On the day of its release, Emmy wasn’t feeling 100% {asthma} so I kept her home since I knew this would really cheer her up! A sure fire way to raise the spirits of a 4-year-old is to tell them we are going to buy their favorite movie and some dress up clothes and a toy or two! I let her take the lead and pick out whatever she wanted! 

We ended up buying the following for our family movie night party:

  • FROZEN soundtrack… we already had this but she wanted one for the car and one for inside the house
  • Elsa dress
  • Elsa hair
  • FROZEN musical wand
  • FROZEN Sleigh 

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We went home and played with our new toys and got dressed up for school pick up time.

Yes, I totally took her all decked out like Elsa to pick up her sisters! 

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Then it was finally time to have our FROZEN movie night party!

FROZEN has been such a special movie to us because it’s all about sisters! Having 3 girls, we celebrate the love that sisters share. These three are inseparable and have been from the start. When you add to your family via adoption hearing the words “sisters” and “family” take on a whole new meaning. I can’t even tell you how much my heart soared when the judge declared my three girls sisters! A sisters bond is forever and FROZEN is the perfect movie to celebrate being a sister!  


 No family movie night is complete without a fancy drink in a fancy glass!

In honor of everything in the FROZEN DVD, I made the girls Fancy Frozen Snowball Punch to say cheers to being sisters!

This is a super easy drink to put together.

All you need is some sparkling fruit punch and ice cream! I used regular vanilla ice cream and vanilla soy ice cream {to make one of them vegan}. Just scoop a ball of ice cream into the bottom of the glass and then add the juice on top! It looks like snowball floating and tastes so yummy!

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Who is your favorite character in FROZEN? 

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  • Our family is just as obsessed with FROZEN! We haven’t been to Walmart yet to get it, but I am sure that this weekend will be a FROZEN party for us! Great drink idea!

  • Olaf is my favorite of course. 🙂 That Snowball Punch looks super yummy and looks like the girls had fun! Now I want to have a Frozen Party!

  • I love the snowball punch idea! How fun! Can you believe I’m just now getting around to watching Frozen? I feel behind the times.

  • I just love that you had a whole themed night! We just received frozen for review today, we are so excited to watch it!

  • The blue punch is perfect. We watched Frozen for the first time the day it came out on DVD. We had been waiting for the day, and finally we have seen this epic movie.

  • We love frozen! Tomorrow we will watch at home for
    The first time. I’m looking for dolls for Easter

  • Oh my goodness, I love the blue punch. I also think it’s cool that you served them in wine glasses to feel more grown-up. This is such a wonderful movie I can’t wait to see it again.

  • We are having Frozen family movie night this weekend! That snowball punch looks so yummy!

  • Olaf is my favorite character, he is so gosh darn adorable. 😀 LOVE HIM.

  • Love the punch! I seriously need to watch this movie. I feel like such an outsider 😉

  • How cute, this looks like a great time. I adore that punch, that looks AWESOME! I’l have to make this for my little nieces, they will go crazy over it!

  • Your store had dresses? My daughters want one so bad. Your movie night looked like so much fun.

    Those drinks are pretty special too!

  • So much fun! I love that everything she picked out! And, that punch looks great! What a great way to celebrate sister bonds! #client

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