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One of the reasons I LOVE back-to-school time is that it means schedules are back in the loop.

Get up, get ready, get the kids to school… you get it. I’m one of those people that crave organization and this time of year is all about that.  The first day of school is the cumulation of all things organized and exciting. I plan ahead of time how it is all going to go down on that super awesome day. The only hiccup is that I have about as much “crafty” in me as I do coffee when I wake up- that would be zero if you were wondering. So what is an uncrafty person to do when they still want a Pinterest perfect first day of school? Enter printables for the win!

We did a trial run before the big day where we got some things ready so that when the first day of school rolls around, we will be all set.

Do you do that too? I remember doing it when I was a kid whenever we moved up to another school. Middle school was the time I was most thankful we did it. My mom was able to time how long it took to get there and I practiced going to my locker and first class.  

Seattle’s Best Coffee® upgrades parents’ mornings so that they are ready to take on the first school day (and every day) of the year. Our trial day, and every day after have started with a fresh cup of Seattle’s Best Coffee®. The picture above is totally staged. You know how you can tell? Pete is “super husband” and always brings me my coffee first thing in the morning. Ha! Plus I never look that happy when I haven’t had coffee yet. This picture was taken AFTER my first cup. That is why I’m smiling!

When we started drinking Seattle’s Best Coffee® Pete and I realized what an upgrade to our mornings it is.  I got that needed boost to take on the first school day (and every day) of the year too! With coffee in hand, it was time to make the day extra special for the kids too!

Big, HUGE, super happy smiling faces of joy to Seattle’s Best Coffee for this part too!

They understand that parents (me! me! me!) need a little help to make their kids’ first day of school the Best Day of School… so they made the Best Day List. This is a free printable that doubles as a way to start the day off right and get the kids excited for the day ahead. It also makes a really awesome keepsake and a conversation started for after school.  I had Maddie hold it up for me, but I didn’t let any of my kids see it. I want it to be a total surprise for the first day of school. I am really looking forward to asking them the questions!

Here is the deal though. I LOVE all the creativity that everyone puts into the first day of school pictures.

From both the kids’ side, where they get super excited modeling them and the parents’ side, where we love to take the pictures of our children with the cute signs. That totally gets everyone pumped up for an awesome year. But, and it is a big one, there are a lot of parents like me that are either too busy to dedicate time to making the printables, or that are just not that crafty (I fall into this category big time too.)  For those parents, you are going to love this! The Best Day List free printables and $1 off coupon are available to download at 

I could never have designed this printable that Emmy has above, but I don’t have to because it was one of the printables available. Isn’t that awesome?! I can’t get enough of all they have for download!

In preparation for the first day, Ashley also made crowns for everyone. Since we just got back from Europe, the girls are still in castle mode, so what better way to make them feel special than to wake them up and have a crown waiting. I plan to bring some fruit infused water and the crown to wake them up that first day.

My personal favorite printable they have are these lunchbox notes. How absolutely adorable and inspiring are they? Since being away from them all day is the hardest part for all of us when they go back to school, this makes that part so much better. I know Emmy will be looking forward to her note each day. 

I was so surprised at the affordable quality of Seattle’s Best Coffee®! It only costs a little more than regular brands and really upgrades your cup of coffee! Don’t forget to download the $1 coupon and all the printables. The printables are perfect for the first day of school and throughout the year when your family needs a little fun in the morning before school!

Are you excited for the new school year to start?

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